Lviv Business School will be partner of Shaping Davos session

2015 annual meeting of World Economic Forum will of beyond Davos as 40 cities will organize local Shaping Davos sessions and connect to panel discussions in Davos. Local session in Lviv is organized by Global Shapers Lviv Hub in partnership with LvBS. Together with hubs from Pittsburgh (United States), Quito (Ecuador), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) we will connect to live panel discussion “From idea to action: creating a culture of innovation” in Davos. Young leaders and world experts will be able to have live discussion.

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Before Davos panel discussion, Shaping Innovation Ecosystem session will be held in Lviv. Panelists of this discussion are Andriy Hankevych (chairman of supervisory board of IT-BPO Lviv Cluster), Roman Zinchenko (founder of greencubator), Bohdan Kupych (vice president of KM Core, head of Founders Institute in Ukraine), Maksym Lysak (executive director of Startup Depot), Nataliya Oboznenko (business development expert). Panelists will discuss importance and features of innovation culture in emerging markets, especially in Ukraine and Lviv. After panel discussion we will try to dig further and do workshops in groups on importance and effects of innovation ecosystems in emerging markets.

During final panel discussion representative of four hubs together with Andrea Illy (CEO, illycaffe), Holger  Spielberg (Managing Director, Digital Private Banking, Credit Suisse), Jim Hagemann Snabe (World Economic Forum Board Member) will explore the following questions:
-  Where do innovation efforts go wrong? Why? 

-  What are the primary drivers of fear? What kind of fears come into play? 

-  How do we create a culture and system of experimentation and adaptation? What kind of 
incentive systems will help overcome the fear? 

-  How can leaders win buy-in, generate urgency and engage their people to successfully 
implement a new course?
- What are some successful examples of companies that were able to create an innovation engine? What can we learn from them? 

Date: January 20
Place: Lviv Business School 

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