Master-class «Value Management» with Tom Gilb

We invite you on the master-class «Value Management» with recognized expert of technological business Tom Gilb, the Agile "grandfather". 

Registration on the event is closed due to limited seating.
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Master-class «Value Management» annotation by Tom Gilb

«Value Management» means to identify key stakeholder, critical values, and to manage their delivery cost-effectively. Value does not mean monetary value alone. It means the qualities and attributes of products and services that will cause people to buy, pay, recommend, repeat business, and generally help a business of government enterprise to succeed.

The first key  problem is that management does not seem to understand that nice sounding words, are not enough for our objectives, the ENDS. For example ‘we are going to have the best service in the country’, ‘our employees will have great job satisfaction’. This is also known as ‘management BS’. We need to define the critical concepts much better (service, satisfaction) and define exactly what the improvement is: numerically. We need numbers to communicate values. Not just nice emotive words.  Let us call the ‘the problem of setting clear manangement objectives’.

The Second key problem is with the strategies, or architecture, or solutions: the MEANS for meeting these objectives. We need to be able to estimate, and later to measure, the expected contribution of each strategy, to all of our objectives, and the cost to all of our limited resources. We do this using a powerful management tool we have invented called an Impact Estimation Table. The IET models the entire planning and execution process quantitatively. It really ‘balances’ the scorecard much better than BSC ever does.

The Third key problem is delivery of value. We have a strong (fanatic) belief that all projects, after 1 week of planning, should start delivering measurable value to stakeholders. We should continue to deliver the value until our value objectives are met.

We are currently writing a management book about these subjects, and you are welcome to look at the emerging manuscript now, and hopefully you will want to hear a presentation y the author. Hopefully these powerful ideas will change your professional life." 

About the expert
Tom Gilb is regarded to be the grandfather of Agile.
Tom Gilb was born in Pasadena in 1940, emigrated to London 1956, and to Norway 1958, where he joined IBM for 5 years, and where he resides, and works, when not traveling extensively.
He has mainly worked within the software engineering community, but since 1983 with Corporate Top Management problems, and since 1988 with large-scale systems engineering (Aircraft, Telecoms and Electronics). 
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