Master-class “Data, Big Data and Lies” with Jurij Paraczsczak

MS in Technology Management invites you to join the master-class “Data, Big Data and Lies” with Jurij Paraszczak, IBM fellow, Former Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. 
Master-class will take place in LvBS, 1.04.2015, 6 pm, adress: 2A, Kozelnytska str., room 305.
Fee - 200 UAH, paid before the event (together with registration confirmation you'll receice the payment details).
The entrance is free for the participants and applicants of MS in Technology Management and for the Community of LvBS!

Master-class annotation from Jurij:

"As Cervante's character Don Quixote said "Facts are the enemy of Truth" so is Big Data obfuscating the fact that it has been with us for a long time  and pretends to be something new. It is new in that its volume has increased and tools to analyse it are forever improving, but the fact is, that all manner of industry and governments have been using it for decades to try to bring insights to the raw information that data represents.

This class will focus on 2 aspects of data
(a) How various industries take advantage of it
(b) How Cities use it

Rather than being just a lecture, I will invite class members to provide a brief description of "Big Data" and how they think it is used and which industry uses it. Class members will be expected to bring 10 urls or  documents with them which describe Big Data after which we will determine how these approaches differ, what kinds of analytics should be used to reach what kinds of outcomes."

About the expert:

Jurij Paraszczak, Emeritus IBM Research, New York, USA

Jurij Paraszczak is a guest lecturer at LvBS MS in Technology Management, Former Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Director Emeritus of IBM Research Smarter Cities, and cofounder of Urban Systems Collaborative (NY). As the IBM Research lead for Smarter Cities Jurij is responsible for aligning the 10 Research Laboratories around Smarter Cities opportunities emerging around the globe. In this role he is also responsible for integrating research capabilities in materials and processes, IT innovation, modeling and optimization to implement sustainable solutions with IBM’s customers in industries as diverse as retail, telecom, and electric power.

For further information, please contact: or +380983503556