Summer courses of MS in Technology Management program

LvBS invites you to attend summer courses of MS in Technology Management program. It’s an opportunity for IT professionals to enhance and update their knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices from international universities (Carnegie Mellon, Kingston, EADA).

"Software Architecture for Managers" by Metthew Bass from Carnegie Mellon. The course links Business Goals, Solution Architecture and Business Strategy. This course teaches a structured approach for realizing a system that supports the intended business goals.



"Variable Geometries Business Creation" by Joao Perre Viana from EADA. The course develops the participants capacity to integrate current activities or interests into Business Model creation. The main objectives of this course is to expose the student to the best contemporary ways of business model creation and allow to test ideas developing new business based on the techniques learned in class. Read more.


"Consultancy Practice" by Serhiy Kovela from Kingston University. Course aims to help participants develop an understanding of the management consulting industry from the client’s perspective, including the reasons why organisations hire consultants, how they choose between competing firms and how they can extract better value from the consultants with whom they work. Read more.


"Methods in Requirements Engineering" by Travis D. Breaux from Carnegie Mellon. The course covers topics in requirements engineering needed to decide what to design to meet stakeholder and business needs.



Tuition fee - USD 880 per course.
Special offer for IT Cluster companies 5%. Special offers are available for 2 and more representatives from one company.

For further information and registration, please contact: