Reflexio: Think. Create. Change

Think. Create. Change. This is the motto of an inspirational program for leaders from LvBS. Reflexio is a unique program as it offers inimitable emotions, impressions, thoughts, and insights. We create a special atmosphere and design the program in a manner that helps participants have a different perspective of common things. Visiting a monastery is a compulsory element of the program. Each participant of reflexio will have an opportunity to think about relevant issues of morality, values, responsibility, and trust.

 The program is designed for:
- those interested in personal growth
- those who seek to unlock their creative potential and ability to reflect
- those who set themselves far-reaching goals and achieve them

By communicating with moral and social leaders, you will be able to crystallize the true priorities of both effective business leadership and personal success. The aim of the program is not to teach you but to help you realize your role as a leader not only within your organization, but also in the global context.

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Reflexio (Latinfor reversing’) istheuniqueabilityofhumanconsciousnesstoperceiveitselfduringtheprocessofperceptionsothathumanconsciousnessbecomesself-aware.

 Reflexio encompasses:

  • discussions, meetings, inspirational breakfasts with opinion leaders
  • a day of spiritual renewal in the Saint Gerard’s Monastery in Hnizdychiv
  • an icon painting master class in the Radruzh School
  • a singing/ acting master class from actors of the Les Kurbas Theater “Open yourself up: master the language of your body and make your voice sound in a new way”

Speakers of reflexio:
Rev. Bohdan Prakh, 
Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University
MyroslavMarynovych, human rights activist, dissident, Vice Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, famous Ukrainian intellectual, co-founder of the FirstDecember Initiative Group
KostiantynShumskyy, founder of IconArt Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art
LidiyaBilas, entrepreneur,founder of the Creative International Children’s School
Rev. IhorBoyko, Rector of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary, Doctor of Moral Theology, Head of the UCU’s School of Bioethics
Mykola Bereza, Director of the Les Kurbas Theater
Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko, actress of the Les Kurbas Theater
Rev. StepanSus, military chaplain

Dates: January 28-30, 2016

Places: c. Lviv, Lviv Business School of UCU, Saint Gerard’s Monastery, t. Hnizdychiv.

Schedule of reflexio

Contact person:
Roksolana Kravchuk +38 067 673 18 76

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5,500 UAH (VAT excluded)
9,500 UAH for a couple (VAT excluded)
- 5% for LvBS Community members.

The participation fee includes accommodation, meals, and transfers.