Discovery! From Self-Awareness to Self-Leadership

7-8 of March 2016 Lviv Business School of UCU and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), London held From Self Awareness to Self-Leadership Module of Discovery! The Discovery programme, which evolved from an original Challenger Leadership Development Programme, has been successfully supporting talented individuals achieve their leadership potential since 2003.

Delegates will have completed a communication self assessment (this will have also been done by at least 3 others who know the delegate sufficiently well). We interpret this and the delegate prioritises their specific communications development needs. We review effective listening skills and conduct some exercises; we look at non verbal skills and their importance for strengthening and ‘reading’ messages; delegates make a short presentation which we video and critique (both verbal and non-verbal); we examine how to design high impact presentations that are targeted to the audience; We re-visit MBTI and learn how different personality types communicate differently and how to be more effective in communicating to ‘different’ groups; We cover ways and forms of communication as well as the importance of feedback (both seeking and giving).

Delegates learn about themselves – how to manage themselves more effectively and how to use their ‘new selves’ to influence others more effectively. They are more assertive and confident and more capable of dealing with conflict issues productively. Their self-belief increases realistically.

For more information please contact:
Olha Dolya, Executive Education Director 096 687 19 63