The program «Business Design: T&T (Today&Tomorrow)» by Adrian Slywotzky, Paris


  • 3 days with one of the top business thinkers in a small group of owners and top-managers
  • Analyzing your company's business model using world's best practices
  • Being among first in the world to hear about future trends

Five learning blocks to get a comprehensive vision of your company

Value Migration. How and why does market value shift from outmoded business models to new business designs? How can companies better anticipate and respond to changing customer priorities and do a radically better job for the customer?

Profit Models and Advanced Business Design. How we design our product or service matters a great deal. How we design our business mattes much, much more. It can make a 3x-10x difference in the value of our company. What are the key tools of progressive business design?

Brand Power and Demand. If done correctly, brands can be built very cost-effectively and much more cheaply than in the past. Learn how other companies (both big and small) have done it and begin putting their techniques to work for your organization, in order to put your team in a position to build a breakthrough brand within next 3-4 years and become a demand creator for your customers.

Megatrends. How to gain an insight as to how trends emerge and use them for business development? What is their relevance to my, my team, my company, and my community.

Business history and ethics. What are some of the key things that happened between 1860 and 1930 that are directly relevant to my business today? Can you be an ethical leader and still create the best businesses in the world?

Course schedule

Thursday, May 19
• Profit Models and Advanced Business Design
• Value Migration
• Dinner

Friday, May 20
• Brand Power and Demand
• Megatrends
• Dinner

Saturday, May 21
• Business History and Ethics
• Follow-up and dinner at the residence of Bishop Borys Gudziak

Sunday, May 22
• Visit to Senlis, Church of Saint Borys and Hlib, Saint Vincent Abbey and Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Anna of Kyiv
• Participation in the Anna Yaroslavna Days

For more information сontact 
Olha, +38 096 687 19 63.