Seminar «Business like a military strategy: Battle of Khotyn experience»

Lviv Business School of UCU announces the start of a cycle of seminars for managers based on a new format for the Ukrainian business education: learning through exploring of battles and historical events and design of analogies to the present times. Today we look for the solutions in business referring to the experience of the other countries; we look for ideas in the new concepts and trends. For the first time in Ukraine LvBS offers to learn the management theory in a unique way based on Ukrainian history, in particular, the military experience of the Ukrainian Cossacks. The first seminar of this cycle will take place on July 22-23.


 «Military luck or talent of war – what overweight on the scales of history? Desperate courage or clearly planned and in details developed operation – what will bring you the biggest success? Europe, first quarter of 17th century, Battle of Khotyn 1621 – battle of two states, two civilizations, two worlds …»

From the book «Battle of Khotyn 1621 – Battle for Central Europe »

The journey of leadership will start from the picturesque Kamianets-Podilskyi, and then transfer to Khotyn Fortress. In addition to the educational part the program participants will also be able to try themselves in the Cossack martial arts, to cook a real porridge and to sing Cossack songs.

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We offer to leave your work place and common classroom study format for a one day and to move back to XVII century. Together with the teachers we will project the Battle of Khotyn of 1621 on the terrain, We will stand at the place, where Petro Sahaidachny with his troops was, analyzing the condition, in which they find themselves, how the alliances were formed, how the most important strategic decisions were made, what motives they used and how they understood their mission.

Amazing guests of the event, who will work with the participants: Serhiy Lysnyak, teacher from international business in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS), Pavlo Sheremeta, founder of School of management of UCU, and Vadym Zadunayskyi, Doctor of History, Professor.

During the seminar «Business like a military strategy: Battle of Khotyn experience» they will encourage participants to think in a completely different way and analyze own leadership, strategy and business, based on a strong historical experience.

The following topics will be discussed at the seminar:

1. Military strategies and business. Their relation, analogies, the ways of their use in the modern conditions.
2. The concept of strategic initiative: models of use.
3. Geopolitical strategies of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Turkey and the countries of the Danube.
4. Negotiation strategies of the Cossacks throughout the history of relationship with Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
5. Military alliances: prerequisites for success and defeats; comparison with the world of business.
6. Ukrainian military leadership during the Battle of Khotyn: peculiarities of decision making, tactics and logistic decisions. Analogies with modernity.
7. Leadership qualities of Sahaidachny. Will he become a successful manager at present times? Analysis of managers of XVII and XXI centuries.

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The cost of participation in the seminar: 4 300 UAH (includes the cost of training, transfers between Kamianets-Podilskyi and Khotyn, lunches, dinners)

For more information please contact:
Olha Dolya,, +38 096 687 19 63
Mariana Pankiv,, +38 067 675 6608

Speakers of the program

Serhiy Lesnyak, teacher of international business in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS).
He graduated from the Faculty of Humanities in NaUKMA and EMBA CEIBS (Chinese European International Business School, Shanghai, China), where he is a member of Board of graduates. Director of the company «RR Commodities» (Shanghai). For the last 13 years he works in PRC. He was the representative of the company «Ferrexpo» in China, and he is engaged in the development of business in China and Southeast Asia.
One of the founders of the community of Ukrainians in Shanghai, member of the Shanghai Association Tai Chi (Chen). Also he translated into Ukrainian the Sun Tzu's treatise «Art of War».
Fields of interest: business, economy and culture of the Far East region. He is fond of eastern martial arts, military culture, and reading of business literature.

Pavlo Sheremeta, founder of School of Management of UCU.
He gained the degree of Master of Business Administration in Emory University (USA), and now works over the doctoral thesis on Strategy and leadership in IEDC. He graduated from the program of professional development in Harvard Business School, took part in the program «Round tables for  practicing managers with Henry Mintzberg», in the work of Blue Ocean Strategy Institute «INSEAD», China-Europe International Business School, Center for Leadership Development of Jack Welch in GE.
He is Former President of «Kyiv School of Economics»; professor of Theory of innovations and Strategy of breakthrough. In 2014 he was appointed as the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. For the last years he was the president and senior consultant in the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute in Malaysia.
He is the founder and the first manager of Kyiv Mohyla Business School (1999-2008). In 2006 Pavlo Sheremeta was recognized as one of the best 15 Ukrainian managers rated by “Companion” (2006) magazine. He was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the insurance company «Universalna» («Goldman Sachs» portfolio company), and Vice President and a board member in CEEMAN (Central and East Europe Management Development Association).
Member of the Supervisory Board in «Raiffeisen Bank Aval», advisor to the Mayor of Lviv, Deputy Chairman of the Global Board on Ukraine at the World Economic Forum in Davos, partner of the Institute of strategies «Inspira», and a member of advisory boards of Fund of Bohdan Havrylyshyn and IPM Business School (Minsk). Chairman of Advisory Board in LvBS. He teaches strategy and leadership in the best business schools of many countries around the world. 

Vadym Zadunayskyi, Doctor of History, Professor
September 3, 2012 – Professor of Department of «World history of new and modern times» of UCU.
He graduated from historic faculty in Donetsk State University (DSU). His experience of the pedagogical work in higher educational establishments is 19 years. For three times he has received the scholarships of Polish scientific and academic fund (Kasаim. J. Mianowskiego) to conduct scientific researches in Polish archives.
He is a Member of the Specialized Scientific Council of DSU on the defense of theses since September 2008. Also he is included in the Donetsk department of SSS and Donetsk department of Cossack Research Center.
Vadym Zadunayskyi was a co-founder of the I Cossack fraternity in Ukraine and the manager of Historical and Ethnographic Society «Kurin». He participated in the establishment of «Ukrainian Cossacks» (in September 1990 appointed as Otaman of Donetsk region). In 1994-2012 he headed the regional Cossack organizations.
He is the participant of the festivals and tournaments of Cossack martial arts in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. He initiated 10 tournaments on the historical Cossack martial arts in Donetsk region. He gives lectures and provides training in Cossack martial arts. The author and compiler of books and publications about Ukrainian Cossacks, its military heritage and martial arts.

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