reflexio. An invitation to discard what is urgent in order to reflect on waht is important

reflexio (lat. reversing) is the unique ability of the human consciousness to perceive it self during the process of perception, so that the human consciousness becomes self-aware.

Nowadays we work in a time of moral decline and lack of confidence in the both business and non-business environments. In the frantic pace of life, leaders should respond quickly to the challenges they face every day. In such circumstances, not every manager feels the need to stop and think about such thing as: “Where I am right now, where I want to be, and what values does my life and my business have”.

reflexio is an invitation to discard what is urgent in order to reflect on what is important. We offer this program in order to learn how to reflect and grow. Communicating with moral leaders, you will be able to crystallize the true priorities of effective leadership. Our aim is not to teach you but to help you to learn and realize your role as a leader not only within your enterprise - but also in the global context.

This is a unique program, which is created at the intersection of business, philosophy, and the humanities. For five days, in the picturesque Carpathian landscape, in the tranquil Hoshiv Monastery every participant will think about relevant issues of leadership, ethics, values, responsibility, and trust.

During this program participants will have an opportunity to learn from Bishop Borys Gudziak (rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University); Myroslav Marynovych (famous Ukrainian intellectual, dissident, social activist, founder of initiative group of “December First”); Volodymyr Turchynovskyi (director of the Institute of Ethics and Modern Problems, Head of Department of Philosophy of the Ukrainian Catholic University); Mykhailo Demtsyu  (Ukrainian postimpressionist and expressionist artist, People’s Artist of Ukraine); Sergiy Lesnyak (director of RR Commodities (Shanghai), one of the initiators of Ukrainian community of Shanghai, member of Shanghai Association of Tai Chi) and others.

Date: July 7-12
Place: Hoshiv Monastery
€500 (registraton before June 21)
€650 (registration after June 21)
Funds raised from this program will be donated for scholarships for master's students. 

For more information please contact:
Olga Chaplyak
Ostap Lutsyshyn
+38 067 673 18 76