• From a Senior Position in a Bank to a Garment Manufacturing Business: The Tale of Yuriy Samets, a KEMBA Graduate
    21 June 2017 KEMBA

    From the Deputy CEO of a bank – to the founder of a garment manufacturing business! Graduates of Key Executive MBA of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) are people who have a solid business background, but are ready to rethink their experience and learn throughout their lives. One striking example is our graduate Yuriy Samets: after completing the training programme in 2014 and serving as the Deputy CEO of the Lviv City Branch of Oshchadbank (Savings Bank) JSC for three years, Yuriy completely changed his focus area and set up his own business.

  • Three days for a restart: why leaders need the reflexio program
    24 May 2017 Visionary Center

    Penetrate into yourself to start working with renewed vigor, find the inner freedom and inspiration to become an even better leader. Twice a year the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) gathers those who are ready for a change in their lives and business for Reflexio –a unique leaders inspiring program.This program gives you time to stop, rethink and move forward with new vigor!

  • Intro 2017: Human of the Future

    On March 23, the UCU’s Lviv Business School invites you to the 7th Annual Visionary Conference INTRO entitled “Human of the Future”. Ukrainian and international experts and entrepreneurs will get together in Lviv to discuss what doing business will be like in the future. Will we be able to comply with ethical norms given technological advances? What to expect from space exploration? The event is organized by the LvBS Visionary Center.

  • reflexio. Inspiring program for leaders

    Think. Create. Change. Namely under such logo during the 2nd – the 4th of February Viziynyi Centre LvBS conducts the inspiring program for leaders. The peculiarity of reflexio consists in uniqueness of the experienced emotions, feelings, ideas, conclusions. We create the atmosphere and fill the program in such way that the participants can look at the usual things differently.

  • “Time of Leadership And Trust”: Center for Leadership of UCU Was Opened In Lviv
    21 October 2016 Leadership Center

    On October 20, a presentation of the Center for Leadership of UCU took place in the Ukrainian Catholic University. The mission of the Center – is to make a breakthrough in the theme researches, the methodology and leadership training. Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU, a professor of LvBS Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi delivered a lecture on the theme “The New Society: the Leader’s Opinion” and told about the development plans of the Center: “Talking about visionary things, we want to be recognized among Ukrainian practitioners and researchers as the world-class experts. And we believe that we will be able to help the world by our cases in the future”.

  • Secrets of “Ukrtelecom” – the First Visit of a Series Alumni Company Visits
    21 October 2016 LvBS

    LvBS started a series of meetings Alumni Company Visit,which was initiated by the graduates of the KEMBA program. The essence of the meetings – is to visit the company, the owner or top manager of which is a graduateof LvBS. This enablesto become better acquainted and to expandhorizontal connections among graduates of all the four long-term programsof LvBS. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to visit the companies,which we usually have a quite limited access to. The first organization, attended by the graduates on October 20, was Lviv branch of “Ukrtelecom” PJSC (a leading branch of the Western macroregion), where the graduates were invited by Viktor Piddubnyi, CFO of the given branch and the graduate of the KEMBAprogram of LvBS.

  • Intro talk: How the social entrepreneurship changes our vision of business

    Visionary center of LvBS starts a series of Intro talk events within the framework of the preparatory measures to the annual spring conference Intro. On November 4 you are invited to attend the first meeting, which is going to be organized in the format of a public talk on «How the social entrepreneurship changes our vision of business».

  • Women’s leadership: to become an engine for the changes. Olha Syvak
    11 October 2016 LvBS

    Lviv business school of UCU (LvBS) continues collecting the opinions of successful Ukrainian women on the leadership. What is it and what are its peculiar features?Is it possible/worth looking for the difference between the female and male leadership? Why up to now the expression «female leader» may evoke in our society a tolerant smile? Inordertofindtheresponseswithintheframeworkoftheproject «Women’s leadership: to become an engine for the changes» the famous women will share their own experience, will tell about challenges in their professional and personal lives, as well as will talk about the success stories.

  • Ethics in business: the lie steals your growth
    07 October 2016 Visionary Center

    On this topic we offer to stop to find out the examples of the most successful and wealthiest strategists, magnates and businessmen why the ethics affects the success of a business, and how it is associated with the value migration. Next is the direct speech of the leading business futurist of the world, who twice was in the ranking of the world business Thinkers 50, Adrian Slywotzky.


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