• Entrepreneurship center recommends: 9 books for your business dream to come true
    18 June 2018 Articles

    As is often the case, at the beginning of your own business even the simplest decisions can be the hardest ones. Despite the great number of available business literature, the necessary publication can just go past you. That’s why the UCU Entrepreneurship center decided to do the small «homework» for you and created the selection of related publications that will be surely useful on your way to building the business of your dream!

  • CEEMAN News: "The Art of Victory" - An Adrian Slywotzky Course (Page 35-36)
    07 April 2014 Articles

    Lviv Business School (LvBS) has offered a format of education that is new for Ukraine. The course entitled "The Art of Victory", taught by leading business thinker Adrian Slywotzky, includes two days of instruction in the classroom, followed by 12 weeks of individual or team work. (Page 35-36)

  • Appeal of the Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University to the business elite of Ukraine
    23 December 2013 Articles

    The leading oligarchs must unite to achieve long-term goals of growth of the Ukrainian economy and business.

  • A Revolution of Dignity − Why Did Businesspeople Go to Maidan?
    18 December 2013 Articles

    The Lviv Business School of UCU asked businesspeople why they went to Maidan.

  • EU-Ukraine: New opportunities for a low-carbon Europe?
    26 November 2013 Articles

    Ukraine must de-carbonise and find sustainable solutions to its energy challenges. Increased cooperation with the European Union on cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship would help Ukraine to modernise its energy sector and economy, write Alex Romaniuk, Roman Zinchenko and Sophia Opatska.

  • EBA Personality: Sophia Opatska, CEO of Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS)
    10 October 2012 Articles

    Could you start to introduce yourself and your company? How do you position yourselves in the market? I have been in business education for over 12 years now. In 2008, three companies operating nationally and internationally and headquatered in Lviv (Softserve, Galnaftogas and Trotolla) offered to Ukrainian Catholic University to launch a business school in Lviv within its premises. Since I had experienced with other business schools and in building corporate learning and educational system I was offered to lead the LvBS

  • CEEMAN Sustainability Working Group holds its first meeting in LvBS
    15 April 2011 Articles

    The first meeting of the new CEEMAN Sustainability Working Group took place in Lviv, Ukraine, on 2 December 2010 to discuss the priorities and directions for the future work of the group. The following concerns were raised by the school representatives present at the meeting: ■ There is lack of clear definition and understanding of CSR and its benefits in CEE and as a result CSR is not high on the business agenda ■ CSR research capacity is underdeveloped ■ There is a need for interdisciplinary CSR teaching and network-based projects ■ There is lack of local business cases on successful CSR practices, while international best practices might not necessarily be easily adapted to local/regional businesses or perceived with a bias

  • The conference on responsible leadership development in CEE
    15 April 2011 Articles

    CEEMAN supported and took an active role in the international conference on “Developing Responsible Leadership in CEE: How to Build a Critical Mass of Responsible Leaders and Managers in Central and Eastern Europe”, organized by Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS) on 2-3 December 2010. Following the outcomes and recommendations of the 18th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Caserta, Italy, in September 2010, the event in Lviv focused on the competences required by leaders and managers to promote sustainable business development and ways to advance them in the CEE region, where growth is not often linked with sustainability and responsibility

  • Publication Competencies of Responsible Leaders in the context of Central and Eastern Europe
    02 December 2010 Articles

    The Publication "Competencies of Responsible Leaders in the Context of Central and Eastern Europe" comprises materials and round tables discussions outcomes from the International Conference "Developing Responsible Leadership in CEE" (December, 2-3, 2010, Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS), Ukraine), as well as the results and comparison analysis of "Developing the Global Leaders of Tomorrow" research project conducted by LvBS for CEE region and by Ashridge Business School methodology


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