• To be or not to be perfectionist
    19 February 2018 MAHROD

    Recently, I was collecting my younger son from an afternoon club, and I witnessed a little girl, around 5 or 6 years old, bursting into tears when she received her scored test paper. On a brief outlook of the situation, I was led to believe that she failed. However, glimpsing at the front page of the paper, I saw a written mark — 38 points out of 39 possible, almost 100%.

  • Start with success: 5 ways to start a career in HR
    06 September 2016 MAHROD

    Each year the popularity of the profession of manager of personnel grows; more and more executives understand the importance of this role to the support and growth of the business, more and more organizations invite specialists in HRM. In this blog academic leader of the program HRM in business, teacher of LvBS, Natalka Shpot gives a few advices to the HR Manager who are starting their work in the company to make their activity effective and bring satisfaction. We hope these tips will also be valuable for those professionals that have been working in the organization for long.

  • Anna Lewis in Open House LvBS in Kyiv: Development of the sustainable organizations in times of turbulence
    01 September 2016 MAHROD

    The teacher of LvBS Anna Lewis told us how to interact with the changeability of the world as the global trend of managers and owners of the businesses, as well as HR professionals of the companies during Open House of the programs Key Executive MBA and MA in Human Resources and Organization Development "Change management", held in Kyiv on 30 of September. Hereinafter comes the speaker's direct speech.

  • HR trends: how to use theory of generations
    18 July 2016 MAHROD

    What difference does a generation mean for an HR-specialist? We constantly see confrontation and conflicts between people of different ages, believes Anna Sehedina, HR-specialist with 10 years of experience, and HR Director of multiple chain restaurants. After all, if generations are able to understand the value of each other, this difference may open new opportunities to work effectively not only in HR, but for business development in general. To learn how to better understand the generation of «Y» and use the difference to develop new ideas she told lectures on the «HR generations theory».

  • How working in HR differs than being a Psychologist
    13 July 2016 MAHROD

    Academic leaders of both programs of HR at the Lviv Business School UCU are specialists with vast experience of effective work in the field of HR, not only in Ukraine. Anna Lewis is a lecturer, Academic Leader Program MA in Human Resources and Organization Development. She has 15 years of experience in companies including Yamaha, Samsung, Mott McDonald (UK) and Heineken. Natalie Shpot is a coach, consultant on organizational development in Gestalt approach, teacher and director of the Lviv school of project management.

  • Anna Sehedina on «How Generations Influence Working in HR»

    On May 24 UCU Lviv Business School and iHUB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center as a part of their joint project Entrepreneurs Meetings invite you to attend the lecture on «How Generations Influence Working in HR», delivered by Anna Sehedina, an HR-professional with 10 years of experience, and HR Director in a restaurant network.

  • How to Detect Lies and Other HR Lessons from Andrii Rozdestvenskyi
    28 May 2016 MAHROD

    What are the algorithms that can help the HR Department to detect lies and verify facts during an interview? The main instruments here would be common sense and professionalism, claims Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi, a Managing Partner at AR Consulting Company, business consultant, psychologist and LvBS teacher. During HR Friday Rozhdestvenskyi spoke about the skills that a recruiter should possess in order to discern unreliable information, ways to practically verify the facts at hand, and detect it when your interlocutor is lying.


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