• Virtuous leadership: validation of the Canadian model in Ukraine
    28 March 2019 Leadership Center

    Aristotle once wrote, «Principatum virum ostendit» which translates to «Leadership proves the man» (or the women, we may add). Given that leadership tests a person, it was, and remains, of paramount importance for philosophers to understand which traits leaders should posses. For example, Aristotle mentioned the importance of courage, justice and temperance. Later, during the Age of Enlightenment, Charles-Louis Montesquieu wrote about which virtues people from different social groups should posses. For example, Montesquieu emphasized that good judgement was a crucial virtue for the rulers of states. If matters of virtue and character were vital to eminent thinkers across the ages, why is there a tendency to neglect their role in the formation of contemporary leaders? Have such concepts really become less important in modern society?

  • “Time of Leadership And Trust”: Center for Leadership of UCU Was Opened In Lviv
    21 October 2016 Leadership Center

    On October 20, a presentation of the Center for Leadership of UCU took place in the Ukrainian Catholic University. The mission of the Center – is to make a breakthrough in the theme researches, the methodology and leadership training. Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU, a professor of LvBS Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi delivered a lecture on the theme “The New Society: the Leader’s Opinion” and told about the development plans of the Center: “Talking about visionary things, we want to be recognized among Ukrainian practitioners and researchers as the world-class experts. And we believe that we will be able to help the world by our cases in the future”.


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