• Women's leadership: to become an engine of the change. Maryana Voznytsya
    16 September 2016 LvBS

    What is the leadership, and what are its symptoms? Is it possible/worth to look for the difference between the female and male leadership? Why until now the expression "female leader" can cause the indulgent smile in our society? In the summer during the program with the participation of the prominent, active and professional women from Ukraine and the United States "Success. Leadership. Inspiration" in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) the participants discussed these and many other important questions and concluded that around the leadership there are many harmful stereotypes. Can we destroy them and how to do it? To search for the answers LvBS launches the project "Women's leadership: to become an engine of the change", where the famous women will share their own experience of the leadership, will tell about the challenges in their professional and personal life, and will tell the stories of success.

  • "Profit Zone": Vision, actual out of time
    15 September 2016 LvBS

    On 14 of September the presentation of the first Ukrainian translation of the book of the world leading business futurologist Adrian Slywotzky "Profit Zone " was held in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS). Volodymyr Netak, Director of the Publishing House of UCU, said during the presentation that the idea to publish this book emerged six months ago: "This is a very ambitious goal for the publishing house and we tackled it."

  • Shoji Shiba in LvBS: Breakthrough management is not about the processes following but about their creation!
    12 September 2016 LvBS

    Outstanding Japan expert on management, having studied from the father of the Japan “miracle” Edwards Deming, Deming prize winner, former teacher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), professor Shoji Shiba had a private lecture in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) on September 09. He told about his own experience in the creation of the breakthrough management for the industries of Hungary, India and USA, and also he shared his thoughts on leadership.

  • Lviv Business School of UCU received the international accreditation CEEMAN IQA
    07 September 2016 LvBS

    Merit rating CEEMAN IQA (International Quality Accreditation) certifies the international recognition that the accredited institution not only provides business education and conducts researches adhering to the highest international quality standards, but also meets the needs of the customers and contributes to the environment development where it works. This assessment shows in particular a desire for the continuous improvement and innovation, as well as the high level of the corporate leadership and responsibility.

  • What should be the leader of today?
    02 September 2016 LvBS

    The best leaders are those for whom the margin is not stranger, who knows, loves and contact it. Christ is absolutely marginalized: He was destroyed, and that in the Resurrection happens that we can neither understand nor explain, because Jesus with his death overcomes the death.

  • Change management. LvBS invites you to Open House in Kiev

    On August, 30th, in Kyiv,Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites to Open House of the programsKey Executive MBA andMA in Human Resources and Organization Development.

  • Delegation: complicate in order to simplify
    26 July 2016 LvBS

    Blog of the dean of Lviv Business School of UCUSofia Opatska for the first issue of the magazine Insight LvBS Inside # 1. Once an employee becomes a manager and he has subordinates, the delegation becomes an integral part of the work. This is a particularly important task for the senior levels of management. Since he would be able to focus on the important long-term problems, only if he delegated the operational work. Then his responsibility is put on the strategy, large-scale projects that can last for years. The manager must inspire the team and customers and perform the role of a representative of the company. This takes a lot of time. To find it, you need delegation.

  • Denis Dovgopol: Lviv needs IT patriotism
    11 July 2016 LvBS

    «Studying the experiences of others is very important. In particular, it is important to focus on their mistakes. Success often an accident or a result of unfair advantages. Considering cases of bankruptcy and closing at different stages of start-ups, you can easily learn what not to do.» says Denis Dovgopol, co-founder and managing partner GrowthUP Group. During WakeUpMeeting # 5 at the Lviv Business School of UCU he explained why we it is necessary to learn from both successes and failures, not just the business of IT.

  • LvBSgraduation-2016: The best is yet to come!
    30 June 2016 LvBS

    Graduation in 2016 became a very special day for Lviv Business School of UCU. Fifty graduates received diplomas. This is a great achievement for them and for the business school, since behind each diploma there are many days of training, great work on important projects and defense of their ideas, new opportunities and sharing of the values of LvBS.

  • Denys Dovhopolyi on «Creation of a Local Ecosystem»

    On July 7th we invite you to participate in a Masterclass given by Denys Dovhopolyi, a Co-founder and Managing Partner of GrowthUP Group. The meeting, embracing the topic of «Creation of a Local Ecosystem (Based on the Example of Kyiv)» will be held as a part of «Wake Up Meetings», a joined project of UCU Lviv Business School and the Creative Quarter.


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