How to choose the right business-school? What issues to consider?
It very much depends upon the questions you would like to answer. This can be a traditional business school offering a standard set of tools and certified programmes, which provide a better understanding of management approaches, or a dynamic innovative school, which is in an on-going quest for solutions, and where you get inspired for new achievements and develop ideas for existing or new business projects. The outcome of education also depends upon a type of a programme offered by a school and its format, like a full time, modular, or evening school. When choosing a business school, we advice all potential students to browse school web sites, and then visit those that impress you most, join their classes, feel their ambience, talk to programme students and graduates. It is important to keep in mind, that studying at a business school is an important step in your professional life, and you will always be associated with this school, thus school values should agree with your personal ones.

Why is it worth studying at LvBS?
Studying at LvBS is not just sheer business training. LvBS school programmes fully conform to international standards of business education. More importantly, you study in a special atmosphere; you are able to get enriched both culturally and spiritually, as well as enjoy your leisure time in an old European city in Ukraine.

What are the advantages of MBA programme offered by LvBS in comparison to other business schools?
Key Executive MBA Programme is notable for a few specific qualities that make LvBS stand out among other programmes:
- an individual and very much personalized approach to students who are offered their own development plans according to their level of skills as soon as they join the programme
- a strong emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurship both students and the businesses they represent
- hands-on project training which implies that innovative and entrepreneurial ideas are generated, developed and implemented in the process of education in full support of educators and a school team
- a substantial international component of the programme - 30% international lecturers and two international study tours
- and, of course, comfortable surroundings and studying in an institution with a unique atmosphere.