reflexio: Three days to hear yourself

From the 2-nd till the 4-th of June the summer program «reflexio 2016» was conducted. Briefly it may be characterized like three days of self-development and self-improvement, but in the details…

The beginning of the program is always very crucial moment, since the team formed will hold three full days side-by-side. Usually at this time the foundation of communication is laid. That is why the very first day of «reflexio» has begun with a welcoming speech of p. Yuriy Kozlovskyi, Master of Collegium in UCU and inspiring breakfast with Sofiya Opatska. During this meeting the participants were introduced with the history, philosophy and values of UCU.


Immediately after the inspiring breakfast the participants have met with the dissident, Ukrainian human rights activist, publicist Myroslav Marynovych.

«It is much easier for the skier to go in the trodden ski track than to lay it himself. The weaker are always put after the stronger and then they go by easier way. After Maidan we can see that the Ukrainian «skiers» thirsty strive to come back on the trodden tracks in the state administration. The «pothole repair» of the old Soviet "road" is conducted, some "holes" are “patched”. And you can not say that there are no reforms, but also you can not say that the road is a new one. This is the old road with only spots of "new asphalt". But who told you that it is not you the man that will find the answer to the recovery of our country? No one dares to say this. No need to rush to the embrasures, and immediately in a radical manner to take up a matter. Just take a small segment of your own, and say that in this your segment everything will be good. Save it and share this scheme among your friends. And you will make a fantastic thing», – Mr. Miroslav said to the participants.

Myroslav Marynovych

«Sometimes it is easier to fight for the values than to live by them», – the dissident summarized his meeting with the participants of «reflexio».

After conversation with Myroslav Marynovych the excursion took place in UCU on multifunctional housing and project construction site: St. Sofia church that will be opened this autumn, and Andrey Sheptytsky Library that will start working in the near 2017.


After the excursion and lunch the participants have a master class from an actress of The Les Kurbas Theatre Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko «Discover yourself: feel the body language and give a new meaning to the voice».

«The source of inspiration eventually dries up for everyone. And it is very important be able to fill it again. These three hours we devote to the body and emotions. Since both are our apparatus. We have different chakras, vibrations, and ideally all this must consubstantiate. There are different exercises on equilibrium, balance. The first task at first sight is absolutely elementary – to see each other. And in practice, it turned out to be very difficult. The second is an exercise on trust. One person closes her eyes, and the other leads it. Also it would seem a simple exercise. But in practice it is not easy to close your eyes and trust to a stranger. Here we overcome barriers. And not only the participants, but me too!», – tells Nataliya about the master class.

Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko

The second day of the program has started with a breakfast with Ukrainian master and collector Roksolyana Shymchuk «Fashion on traditions: decipher the authenticity». During the breakfast the master shared the secrets of Ukrainian national clothing fashions and decorations with the participants of inspiring program. «Selvedge (Ukrainian Крайка)» comes from the word «edge (Ukrainian край)»: this element of clothing fashion  on the body symbolized the combination of the spiritual human origin (top) and physical (bottom)», – told Roksolyana.

Roksolyana Shymchuk

Immediately after that the transfer to Hoshiv nunnery was conducted to the Day of spiritual renewal held by priest Volodymyr Zhdan. Several hours of recollections forced the participants to think of high and important matters. During the discussion the topics disturbing each person were considered – the questions of ethics, morality, purity in business and personal life were discussed.


«Let the Lord to touch you. Remember that this will not pass without a trace, but do not be afraid. Find that moment, when in the silence you can hear God», – the priest Volodymyr summarized the Day of spiritual renewal.

The last day of the program was started with the liturgy in Hoshiv nunnery, after which the participants had a meeting with the director of the company «RR Commodities» (Shanghai), lecturer of International Business and the translator of the book of Sun Tzu «The Art of War» Serhiy Lesnyak. He told the participants about the realities of living and doing business in China. 

Serhiy Lesnyak

The most interesting quotes of the speaker:

  • «China lacks mild expansion methods. It has no cultural symbols for communication as Europe do- and these symbols are values. There are attempts to spread Chinese culture, but it is difficult to realize, since the Chinese themselves are not very expansive and evangelical in its promotion».
  • «In short, this is a nation that will work very hard to regain its honor. They by all means will defend the justice in the attitude to themselves. They even joke: «If somebody has offended you and you can not revenge, then do not worry. Even after 20 years it will not be late anyway to do this».
  • «Yes, in China you can be deceived, wrong-footed. But this is your task to find good partners. Everything is built on relationships there, you need to have «own» people. Dishonesty things can be expected from small companies. Medium and large one do not do so, it is not in their interest».
  • «The Chinese have the clones of everything, they effectively develop this concept: they take already tested models, save a lot of time on R&D. Do they have Innovations - also an interesting question? But Chinese companies are not so good at innovation in the products, as in the innovation in the approach to the market. How they reach out to the market and to the categories, and offer those products that Apple does not offer on these markets, where Apple can not enter.»

The conversation with Serhiy Lesnyak ended with the autograph signing session for the translator of the «The Art of War» book, and immediately after the lunch the participants together with speaker went on the walk-tour to the Monastery of St. Basil the Great that is one of the greatest and historically-architectural relics of the Western Ukraine.


Returning to Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery, the participants wrote icons of Seraphims during the workshop on iconography from the school «Radruzh». Masters of the workshops have not only shown to the participants of the program, how to write icons, they also explained the meaning of different symbols:

  • «Have you noticed that the saints depicted on icons have disproportionately large eyes and ears? This symbolizes that they are attentively listening to us and watching us.»
  • «Pay attention to the colours of clothes of Virgin Mary and little Jesus. It was believed that blue – colour of lower shirt, one that is closer to the body. That is physical. And scarlet is the colour of the soul, divine. Now you might wonder: as a rule Jesus, who has a divine nature, is depicted in blue. For he has become a man from God. Mary, on the contrary – in scarlet, because she, being a man, received the divine nature».
  • «Several types of image of Mother of God: Eleusa – touching Jesus cheek to cheek, Oranta – praying one, Hodegetria – is pointing to Christ by hand».
  • reflexio

After the workshop on iconography from the school «Radruzh» the participants awaited certificates awarding on completion of the inspiring program for leaders – «reflexio». But despite the fact that the program has ended, renewal and enlightenment received during it will remain for life.