Victor Pavluchynskyy

As the CEO of RnD products at Genesis and Headway from 2021 to 2023,  he ventured into the exciting world of creating and launching startups for the American market, embracing new challenges and opportunities.

In 2019, he founded Elision, an innovative platform designed for podcast distribution and monetization. With hard work and determination, he managed to attract investments from Flayer1 Ventures. In 2021, Elision’s success caught the attention of Genesis, leading to its acquisition.
Prior to Elision, from 2015 to 2019, he was the founder and CPO of Devlight, a dynamic outsourcing company specializing in mobile app development. Collaborating with leading Ukrainian enterprises, they developed groundbreaking mobile applications for well-known clients such as Nova Poshta, Epicenter, Fishka (OKKO), and Eventually, he made a successful exit from the company, leaving a lasting impact on the mobile app industry.

Always striving to expand his knowledge and skills, he pursued the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at LvBS from 2015 to 2016. This experience further fueled his passion for creating unique solutions and exploring new business ventures.