Corporate programs

Corporate Executive Education programs are tailored to your company’s specific needs

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Consists of 4 stages:

  • Development Needs Diagnostics
  • Cooperation Project Approval
  • Development Program Implementation
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment


Depends on the needs of the company and its development strategy



Program benefits

Individual approach

Individual approach to the needs of your company

Assessment of needs

Assessment of needs and learning outcomes

Experts and lecturers

The possibility to learn from the best world experts and lecturers, allowing the company to develop in accordance with the global business trends

Participation in LvBS Community

Free access to a dynamic business environment with regular workshops and inspiring meetings

Applied learning

Case-based learning, real-world examples of management situations and practical problems

Result orientation

Program participants receive knowledge, skills and real effective tools during learning to successful projects implementation relevant to the company

Contact person

Mariana Pankiv

Executive Education program manager
  • + 38 (067) 67 566 08
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