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MSc in Managing Impact-Driven Organizations

New program on organizational development at the master’s level in Ukraine.
For individuals who aspire to systematically manage businesses, ensuring their sustainable development in the long term, taking into account the positive impact on society and the environment.


Autumn 2024


22 months

450 000 UAH

  • The program is designed for middle and senior-level managers who currently have or aspire to have influence and decision-making authority in companies across different sectors.
  • It is also beneficial for small and medium business owners who aim to systematize their management practices and build a sustainable system.
  • The program is suitable for leaders who strive to professionally manage organizations based on values such as people-centricity, social responsibility, business ethics, and managerial integrity, with the ability to create a positive and sustainable impact on society and the environment at both local and global levels.
  • Additionally, the program may be of interest to managers in the non-profit and public sectors.

Managing Impact-Driven Organizations (MIDO) is a unique program designed to provide a deep understanding of organizational management and the development of their sustainability. At the core of MIDO lies the concept of organizational development based on sustainability principles and the application of a holistic approach to company management. Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Navigate complex organizational systems and possess competencies in making managerial decisions and problem-solving in highly uncertain conditions.
  • Gain a profound understanding of organizational behavior and human resource management, enabling them to develop flexible human systems.
  • Identify the prospects for the development of their organizations within a broad political, economic, and social context, allowing them to build resilient organizations and implement comprehensive changes considering both economic and human-oriented aspects of business.
  • Acquire competencies in managing organizational effectiveness, taking into account the dynamics of organizational systems.
  • Apply a visionary approach and integrate complex societal challenges into business operations, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run.
  • Cultivate their own leadership potential and develop the necessary competencies for effective interaction with people.
  • Expand their understanding of how complex philosophical concepts such as ethics, integrity, values, and mission impact business and managerial practices.

Admission 2024 to the Master’s degree program

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About admission 2024

  • 11 core modules (each module lasting 4-5 days, once a month) and inter-module sessions.
  • Elective courses.
  • Socially-oriented practice

(teamwork within an expert-consultation project aimed at achieving socially beneficial goals).

  • Development and defense of a diploma project.

Key topics within the educational program:

  1. Management in the era of turbulence. Modern organizations and changing approaches to management. Current challenges. Social trends. Sustainable development. Ukrainian management context.
  2. Managerial economics and business analytics. Micro and macro contexts for managerial decision-making.
  3. Systems thinking and organizational architecture. Holistic approach. People-centered dynamic systems.
  4. Integrated problem-solving. Learning through research. Making successful managerial decisions.
  5. Organizational ethics and culture. Sociocultural transformations. Intercultural peculiarities. Organizational leadership in diversity, equality, and inclusivity. Organizational culture models. Tools for culture development. Ethical management and leadership. Moral and ethical dilemmas in management.
  6. Strategic planning. Business strategies and organizational development strategies. Corporate governance. Stakeholder management.
  7. Financial management and performance.
  8. Change management and organizational resilience. Changing organizational culture and business models. People as key resistors to change implementation.
  9. Leadership and team management.
  10. Organizational behavior. Neuromanagement. Emotional intelligence. Social psychology in organizations.
  11. Big data. Knowledge management. Effective communication. Self-learning organizations.
  12. Innovation management and digital transformation of organizations.
  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience in a managerial position.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field (foreign diploma requires recognition*).
  • Proficiency in English at a level that meets the program’s admission requirements (recommended level B2).
  • Developed logical, critical, and systems thinking, ability to analyze and draw conclusions.
  • Ability and willingness to work in teams, focus on development and active learning.
  • Sufficient knowledge of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship to pass the Unified Professional Entrance Examination (ЄФВВ)**.

*Please note that it is necessary to undergo the mandatory diploma recognition procedure for a foreign diploma issued by the educational institution you plan to enroll in at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Instructions for remote document submission for recognition by the Information and Image Center and the list of required documents can be found at

**The ЄФВВ is a mandatory entrance examination for applicants with a bachelor’s degree, while for applicants with a master’s/specialist degree, it can be replaced by a professional internal exam. Please refer to the Admission section for more details.

Program Benefits
Modern education with a focus on organizational development

Relevant pedagogical approaches and teaching methodologies for adult learning: active learning, problem-based learning, case method, teamwork, individual mentoring, and coaching.

An international team of instructors and industry experts is involved in teaching

Experts with international experience as well as top industry professionals are engaged in the teaching process.

Diversified content

A combination of best practices and thematic research. The program's diversified content aims to examine business cases from organizations of various industry and sectoral backgrounds.

Final project

Throughout the program, participants, with the support of invited experts and instructors, work on a final project, applying the knowledge they have gained during their studies.

Master's degree Diploma

Participants of the program receive a master's degree diploma from the UCU Business School, which can be legalized for international recognition (apostille).

Belonging to the UCU and UCU Business School community

Participants of the program become part of the dynamic business community of the UCU Business School from the first days of their studies. Together with this community, they develop professionally and personally, which serves as a long-term investment in their own future.

Academic leader
Nataliya Lahotska
Academic board
Nataliya Lahotska