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MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship is the only unique Master’s level program in Ukraine for individuals who are starting their own businesses and making strategic decisions. This program provides systematic knowledge and skills for managing and improving their own business in any field.


Autumn 2023


22 months

450 000 UAH

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who focus on finding winning business models, structuring their own companies, improving and building the process of creating innovations in various fields.

The program is designed for:

  • Owners of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Entrepreneurs in search of a unique business model
  • Startup team leaders
  • People who are responsible not only for themselves but also for their teams

We invite entrepreneurs who have experience in creating and managing teams, communicating with clients, and finding solutions in conditions of constant change. During the learning process, participants work on improving their existing business or creating a new project within their company that can take it to a new qualitative level.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop their own business;
  • Analyze and structure problems in their business, make effective management decisions by applying innovation;
  • Determine the values, vision, mission, goals, and criteria by which the business plans further development directions;
  • Conduct negotiations more effectively with counterparties, partners, and the team;
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy, generate new ideas, and demonstrate creativity;
  • Develop and manage projects, show initiative and entrepreneurship, and make efficient use of resources;
  • Act based on ethical considerations, motivate the team, and move towards a common goal;
  • Create and organize effective communication in the management process, develop leadership qualities, and develop members of their team.

Admission for the 2023 Master’s Programs at UCU Business School is now open! Each of the master’s programs has been updated and transformed, maximizing the response to business needs and the rethinking of meanings. The best teachers from Ukraine and international business schools are involved in teaching, and despite the war, they are willing to come to Ukraine and share their knowledge with participants for even more effective country recovery in the future.

To apply for the master’s programs this year, you need to:

  • Register on our website on the program page.
  • Attend an introductory meeting with the program manager (offline or online) to better understand your needs and select the training that will be most effective for you.
  • Register for entrance exams based on the diploma you will be applying with.

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Program Structure
    • 10 modules in the main part of the program
    • 5 elective courses
    • Domestic module in Ukraine (included in the main part of the program)
    • Development and defense of a diploma project

Educational modules of the program:

  1. Leadership and team building
  2. Design thinking
  3. Market analysis and analytics for decision-making
  4. Marketing and external communications
  5. Strategic planning and business modeling
  6. Economics and finance
  7. Teamwork experts
  8. Ethics and law in business
  9. Effective project presentation

Additionally, there are 5 free choice disciplines.
*Part of the courses are taught in English.

Teaching is based on interactive teaching methods and includes “live” cases, master classes and speeches by invited guests, communication with leading top managers, situational exercises based on examples of Ukrainian companies, and other innovative methods. Along with modern teaching methods and a significant practical component, project-based learning is widely used, aimed at the effective solution of existing tasks of a specific enterprise represented by the participant.

Requirements for admission to the Master’s program in Management include proficiency in English at the level required by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field (foreign diplomas must be recognized) and have at least two years of experience in leading a team, business, or enterprise.

Case study method of learning

The instructors use the case study method in teaching, including cases from the most well-known companies in the world and international teaching materials from the best business schools in the world.

The best combination of practice and theory

The program is constantly improving and provides access to leading business, entrepreneurship, and innovation practitioners and educators.

Applied project-based learning

Training takes place on real-life cases and challenges of Ukrainian companies, where participants have the opportunity to apply theory into practice. Participants can develop their own business project, work on prototypes of new products, and test them for viability.

Opportunity for international education

Program participants have the opportunity for additional academic international mobility. Different formats are available for studying abroad, both online and offline.

LvBS Ecosystem

Business meetings, networking, and introductions help participants develop their own business and build communities.

Opportunity to find investments

Participants have the chance to receive funding for their own startup project from Angel One, a venture fund created by the UCU Foundation.

Director of the program
Oleksandr Akymenko
Innovation implementation and design thinking consultant for business.
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Learning about innovation and entrepreneurship programs is a way to expand borders in all directions. It helped me to think comprehensively, and the UCU Business School became a place of strength for me, like a matrix that you connect to and fill with energy.

The result of studying in the program was the business project called The EngL.

Olga Zharova
Founder The EngL

I had a feeling that I had already conquered a certain peak, reached great heights, and it was super comfortable for me there. Then I realized: now I want a new summit. Learning became this trampoline for me, which helped me transition from one peak to another. It was a hyperloop effect, incredibly cool, because the changes were happening at all levels.

LvBS is a place of strength, where you come and it charges you up, and with new wingspan, you fly further.

Inga Kordynovska (Drobinova)
Founder, CEO ID Partners Law Firm (Odesa)
Вадим Черніков

I chose the Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at a stage when I already had a lot of experience and knowledge from running my own business. However, I had been doing it intuitively, without fundamental knowledge or deliberate skills.

Studying at the UCU Business School gave me the opportunity to systematize my existing knowledge, make it conscious, and acquire new knowledge thanks to the excellent teachers and the wonderful management of the learning process. In addition, I became part of a unique innovation community, expanded my worldview, and simply enjoyed every class.

Studying at LvBS was my best educational experience and the best investment in myself. I know that I learned from the best and I am proud to call myself an LvBS graduate.

Vadim Chernikov
Сo-founder Nudge. Director NEED / animation studio

UCU Business School is the best investment in yourself, your development, and your network that you can make. When I entered the business school, I only knew that I wanted to structure my knowledge, better understand how business works, and find new ideas and solutions that would help me in my future work.

Over the 2 years of studying, I received more than just that. I not only multiplied my knowledge but also found mentors, many like-minded people, looked at my potential and my ideas in a different way, believed in their reality, and found motivation to implement them in life. And all this thanks to the powerful atmosphere that permeates the air at the business school, where everyone is ready to give you constructive feedback, help, and simply inspire you to new achievements. And for this, I will always be grateful to LvBS!

Anastasia Glushchenko
PR&Marketing manager

I have diverse experience studying in many universities. In view of this, MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is simply another planet:

  • You study not among those for whom the main value is “91” for an exam, but among proactive leaders who constantly strive for new knowledge;
  • You don’t listen to long boring lectures, but receive all the most important information and immediately try to apply it in practice;
  • You don’t prepare for classes by simply copying texts from a book (and then retelling them in class), but build business models, solve cases, read a lot of English texts;
  • You don’t feel like a cog in a big system (where even the cafeteria worker considers herself a Welsh princess, and you – nobody), but feel like the reason why this whole system exists;
  • You don’t wait for the start of the next class with horror, but eagerly anticipate a new module.

UCU Business School – one love!

Taras Prokopyshyn
Founder and CEO of The Ukrainians

Learning on the program is not just a list of specified modules. First and foremost, it is an expansion of worldview, awareness of the mission of your business and your own purpose as an entrepreneur, leader, and proactive citizen. Learning at LvBS teaches you to make mistakes, work on yourself, change, and accept challenges. Here you will find like-minded people, partners, and friends. Here you will learn how to turn ideas into action step by step, through analysis, questions, feedback from practitioner teachers, and through the sincere support of your classmates.

Solomiya Boykovych
Co-founder of the "Ptashenya. Children's Space" network of kindergartens.

The project was born during my study at LvBS. Of course, being still an idea it looked somewhat differently, but studying framed it pointing at important things and leaving what was not needed out… You can be lucky but without knowledge you can lose everything in a moment or be not productive or ineffective. I guess everyone understands education in his/her own way. One can read hundreds of books and make no use of it and another one can without reading any book attend a lecture instead which will later change his/her life. I like the format when I know what to read and a teacher can put it in simple words as usually his/her knowledge is a real experience. This all I received in the school and this is all that’s needed.

Tetiana Kostina
The author of an inspiring journal about the journey around Ukraine “La Boussole”