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150 000 UAH

MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Innovations and Entrepreneurship Program is a master’s degree education for those who look for personal and professional development and want to start their own business within realms of technology or innovations.

For Whom
The master’s program of Lviv Business School (LvBS) of UCU MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship is designed for ambitious people who are ready to create and launch their business projects within realms of technology or innovations, want to broaden their knowledge in entrepreneurship and get the understanding of business and innovations. The condition of completing the program is creation of a new business project “from scratch” or implementation of innovative approaches in activity of a company or an enterprise which already exists. The main principle of the program is focusing on practical aspects which will let the participants study a market and enter it with their own business project.
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Program Structure
    • 10 modules of the main part of the program
    • 3 elective courses
    • Site visit to Kyiv (within one of the program modules)
    • International study tour (accommodation included)
    • Preparation of a diploma project
Admission to the program

Step 1

  1. To fill in the application form
  2. Successfully pass the interview
  3. Send on the application and the package of documents, which include:
    –  Two reference letters from colleagues, teachers, employers, LvBS graduates who will confirm competences and leadership skills, professionalism of an applicant (download Ukr, download Eng).
    – An essay on the topic “I as a startup”. Format: max. 1000 words, font 14 pt Arial black, 1,5 line spacing; page properties: left, top, bottom 2 cm, right 1,5 cm, full justification. The essay has to demonstrate an applicant’s way of thinking and attitude towards studying and development.
    – Scanned copies of Ukrainian and foreign passports.
    – Copies of the diploma of higher education.

Step 2
Entrance exam that will include:

  1. Test of English
  2. Handling business case, what has to show how a candidate will work under uncertain conditions including how he/she will demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills, ability to be flexible and cultivate teamwork. Presentation of the case is made in English
  3. Test of Mathematics
  4. Additional test of Management for those who have previous education other than Management
  5. Interview to understand the main learning motivation of a candidate, his/her expectations from the program, ability to work in a team with other participants of the program.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any specialty
  • English level according to the legally required university entrance standards of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2019 (B2 level)
  • At least two-year experience of work as a manager or in NGO or volunteering
  1. Can I get a scholarship for the program studying?
    Yes, you can get a scholarship on condition of successful completion of predevelopment program and defense of the project.
  2. What does modular form of studying mean?
    The studying takes place once in a month for four days (Wednesday – Saturday) from 10 am to 6 pm) during the last or last but one week of a month. According to the state standards of higher education, a modular education equals to a full-time education. During the intemodule period the participants perform practical tasks.
  3. Is deferment of military service in The Armed Forces of Ukraine given?
    Yes, for the whole period of studying within the program till the moment of awarding of the diploma. In case of expulsion, the right on deferment is lost.
  4. Is it required to pay full tuition fees immediately?
    Payment is made in three tranches at the beginning of each semester (September-February-September).
  5. Can I enter the program if I do not have an idea yet?
    Yes, though the priority would be given to the participants who have a project idea and will be able to apply the knowledge received during studying on their own project.
  6. Can I enter the program if my English level does not meet the requirements?
    English level has to be not lower than B2.
  7. Does the diploma of the program’s graduate give a possibility to continue studying abroad?
    Yes, it does after undergoing the procedure of apostilization.
  8. Can I enter the program parallel to the Master’s I am already doing?
    No, as in Ukraine it is not possible to study at two full-time master’s programs simultaneously. The participant has a possibility to study at the program as a listener what does not affect quality of teaching and the amount of tuition fees respectively.
  9. How many ECTS credits will I get in case of successful completion of the program?
    90 ECTS credits what corresponds to 1,5-year master’s program.
Academic board

The project was born during my study at LvBS. Of course, being still an idea it looked somewhat differently, but studying framed it pointing at important things and leaving what was not needed out… You can be lucky but without knowledge you can lose everything in a moment or be not productive or ineffective. I guess everyone understands education in his/her own way. One can read hundreds of books and make no use of it and another one can without reading any book attend a lecture instead which will later change his/her life. I like the format when I know what to read and a teacher can put it in simple words as usually his/her knowledge is a real experience. This all I received in the school and this is all that’s needed.

Tetiana Kostina
The author of an inspiring journal about the journey around Ukraine “La Boussole”

Усе про програму MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Відгуки випускників, відповіді від викладачів і не тільки

Program Benefits
Individual Approach

The program provides interactive format and comfortable schedule for the students. These are 4 days monthly during 1,5 year in a modern learning campus of UKU and in unique atmosphere of European Lviv

The best combination of practice and theory

Learning from teachers-practitioners from Ukraine and abroad, permanent mentoring by successful entrepreneurs regarding projects, business trip to Kyiv

Applied project learning

In the course of studying students test their own business idea, create a working product/service prototype, carry out few rounds of the prototype testing and collect feedback from the clients. The next step is getting the product/service on a stable level and description of the whole business process in the diploma project

Master's Degree

Participants of the program will earn Master`s degree of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, in the case of successful complete of the program and defend the project with a positive assessment by the expert committee. The diploma can be legalized abroad after Apostille procedures

LvBS Ecosystem

Participants will become a part of the dynamic business community of LvBS, which is a long-term investment in their development

A possibility to find investments

The best diploma projects can be a candidate for the prize From 0 to 1 – StartUp Innovation

Evgenia Kralenkova
Head of Learning and Development
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