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Key Executive MBA

Standard average statistical solutions have become unacceptable in today’s Ukrainian business environment. Should you strategize for 10 months or 10 years? Should you pursue a «business survival» strategy or «business growth amidst competition»?

Asymmetric decisions, non-standard strategies, and global projects – all made possible through education in the new Key Executive MBA program «The Art of Business Creation». This is a master’s program offered by the UCU Business School for top-level managers (C-level executives) and business owners.


Autumn 2023


20 months

1 200 000 UAH

  • Owners and top-level managers (C-level executives) of Ukrainian companies who want to scale their business in Ukraine and international markets.
  • Those with the mandate to make strategic decisions in a business that has been operating for more than 5 years in the market.
  • Individuals who aspire to strategize for 10 years, rather than 10 months.
  • Those who are willing to reevaluate their experience, transform themselves, and their companies.
  • Individuals who share the values of UCU.

Upon completion of the program, its graduates:

  • Think in the paradigm of growth from individual to organization and country.
  • Are ready for global competition.
  • Possess the ability to create asymmetric decisions.
  • Consciously choose the social responsibility of their activities and perceive it as a more sustainable business model.
  • Possess knowledge of history, culture, and philosophy and can leverage this knowledge to make effective decisions.
  • Are true citizens and actively participate in the preservation and restoration of their state.
  • Are leaders based on Guided Leadership principles.

Admission for the 2023 Master’s Programs at UCU Business School is now open! Each of the master’s programs has been updated and transformed, maximizing the response to business needs and the rethinking of meanings. The best teachers from Ukraine and international business schools are involved in teaching, and despite the war, they are willing to come to Ukraine and share their knowledge with participants for even more effective country recovery in the future.

To apply for the master’s programs this year, you need to:

  • Register on our website on the program page.
  • Attend an introductory meeting with the program manager (offline or online) to better understand your needs and select the training that will be most effective for you.
  • Register for entrance exams based on the diploma you will be applying with.

Learn more about early registration and important admission dates.
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  • 12 modules in the main part of the program.
  • 5 elective courses.
  • Creation and defense of a personal business project.

Global Focus:

  • International markets, geopolitics, and geoeconomics
  • Scaling strategy
  • Asymmetric competition
  • Export strategies, negotiations, and deals
  • Innovation as a strategic advantage
  • Future preparedness 
  • Asymmetric thinking

Organizational Focus:

  • Business design
  • Business thinking
  • Finance and investments for managers
  • Legal aspects of business operations
  • Business analytics for top executives
  • Efficiency and process management
  • Strategic communications
  • Strategic marketing
  • Organizational development
  • Crisis management
  • Corporate governance
  • Transformational leadership

Worldview Focus / Thinking Focus:

  • Ecological
  • Historical
  • Philosophical
  • Cultural
  • Ethical
  • Guided
  • Bachelor’s, Specialist, or Master’s degree (foreign diploma requires recognition*).
  • 7-10 years of managerial experience as an owner or C-level manager of a company.
  • Proficiency in the English language at a level that meets the program’s admission requirements (recommended level B2).
  • Alignment with the values of UCU.

*The procedure for recognizing a diploma issued by a foreign educational institution is mandatory. Instructions for remote submission of documents for recognition by the Information and Image Center and the list of necessary documents can be found at

100 concepts in 20 months

The majority of learning takes place through participant case studies in partnership with practicing instructors.

International experience

International instructors who are experts in fundamental management theories and methods.

Principles of Asymmetry

Primary source of asymmetric business principles.


Worldview knowledge for decision-making at intersections.

Transversal work on mindset

Worldview focus in education and focus on mindset work.

Network of LvBS Alumni

Lifelong membership in the global community of UCU and UCU Business School.

Director of the program
Valeriia Kozlova
Leading expert on building systems in business, global development strategies, and effective thinking.
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Academic leader
Olena Trevoho
Academic leader of the Key Executive MBA program
+38 067 672 3449

I came to study at MBA programme to become more useful for my company. This is the field you have to be competent almost in all business spheres at once. During the studies I wanted to look at business from the position of an owner so that I could properly assess processes and so that my efforts could be useful for directors of the company.
I am happy to study at the UCU LvBS. This is the school with special climate. It encourages you to learn and act. It helps you fight your fears and overcome barriers while offering fundamental knowledge.

Olena Leksikova
Audit department head, "Galnaftogaz" Concern’ PJSC

There are several reasons I came to study for МВА at LvBS. The main reason is that the values of the school appeal to me as the school was established at Catholic University. The second thing is the level and selection criteria for lecturers. It is not lower than in other Ukrainian schools, sometimes even higher. This gives you geographical and temporal advantage. The third thing is the team of the business school. They are professional, well-trained and inspiring!

Volodymyr Harazd
Director Development holding GNG

During the study at Key Executive MBA my personal growth was twofold, or rather even threefold. I can boldly state that having graduated from MBA I got inspiration to study more. Here, you can receive global knowledge in specific spheres. Now I know how to speak in the sales department or where to get necessary information.

Iryna Dmyterko
Co-owner Bjet company

The idea of “Iconart” foundation occurred during  study in LvBS, for result of the program KEMBA had to become newly embodied business project, that is not connected with the basic professional activity. I have long pondered what it could be. “Iconart” a project that opened modern Ukrainian sacred art and opened it for the world. In business-school I got tools, courage, self-awareness.

Konstiantyn Shumsky
Owner of art-gallery “Iconart”

During study at MBA in LvBS I didn’t always agree with lecturers for I considered not to do as they are teaching. Still I was not irritated with it. Conversely I am very grateful that I had an opportunity see myself over the other side and change the society. I believe this was one of the best years that I have lived and made many friends. The Business School had a great influence on me. I am really comfortable here.

Oleh Nykulyshyn
CEO, Pharmacy Network "DS"
Contact person
Olena Trevoho
Academic leader of the Key Executive MBA program
+38 067 672 3449