2 October, 2021


22 months


English, Ukrainian


USD 15 900;
for Lviv IT Cluster and Kharkiv IT Cluster member companies – USD 14 900

MSc in Technology Management

It is the only professional Master’s Program in Ukraine that provides specialized business education in the field of IT

For Whom
MSc in Technology Management is a unique program in Eastern Europe specially designed for technological companies C-level executives to bridge the gap between tech and business competencies, to deepen clients' needs understanding, to develop visionary view on business and to advance management, leadership and soft skills.
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13 modules: 10 core + 3 electives

Technology-related courses:
  • IT Strategies
  • Product Management in IT/high tech
  • R&D Management
  • Digital Disruption and Innovation Management
  • Technological Entrepreneurship
Business and management courses:
  • Business as a system
  • Strategic Marketing Challenges
  • Sales Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Organisational Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Management Methods and Leadership, including Management 3.0 workshop
Soft skills workshops:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Presentations
  • Leadership

Elective Courses:

Program participants have the opportunity to choose 3 courses from the list of elective courses of LvBS (eg. Brand Management, Project Management, Organizational Development, etc.)

 International study tour to Israel:
  • 1-week study tour to one of the top innovative ecosystems in the world
  • Company visits: R&D centers, high tech corporations, start-ups, venture funds, incubators and universities
  • Accommodation, study program, logistics are included in the program fee
Final Project:
  • Project types: corporate project, consulting project, new company/product launch, research
  • Mentored by program experts
Admission to the program
In order to enrol, you should:
  1. Fill in the аплікаційну форму
  2. Pass the interview.
  3. Send an application form, motivational essay “Defeat as an incentive for the next achievement – the example from your own life” by June 23, 2021, and submit two letters of recommendation from fellow industry professionals. Samples of letters can be found here.
  4. Complete entrance exams –  interview, management test and business case analysis, English exam.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 5 years of the work experience in the IT or technology-related  sphere
  • People management experience (at least small teams of 6-12 people)
  • At least C1 level of English
  • Basic project management knowledge
  • High moral and social standards, personal integrity and maturity

Payment of the program price is divided into five payments.

For those who qualified for Early Bird pricing (USD 14 900) the payment schedule is as following:
1st payment – UAH 100 ths.  (25% of total price) by August 2021,
2nd payment – UAH 100 ths. (20% of total price) by November 2021,
3rd payment – 21 % of total price by February 2022,
4th payment – 16 % of total price by April 2022,
5th payment – 15 % of total price by September 2022

For those who do not qualify for Early Bird pricing, the normal payment schedule is as follows:

The size of the payments and deadlins by participation with basic program price (USD 15 900) is following::
1st payment – UAH 100 ths. (25% of total price) by September 2021,
2nd payment – UAH 100 ths. (20% of total price) by December 2021,
3rd payment – 22 % of total price by February 2022,
4th payment – 17 % of total price by April 2022,
5th payment – 16 % of total price by September 2022


We have new technical programs emerging regularly.  These programs are typically focused on emerging trends and fields (recent examples include data science, intelligent systems, cybersecurity, big data systems, and so on). What we often seem to forget, however, is that technology is used in a context. Communication and coordination between the engineering function and the portions of the business relying on technology are required in order to ensure the needs of the organization are fulfilled. What I really like about this program at Lviv Business School is that it’s one of the few programs in the world that focuses on providing the skills and knowledge to participants that are necessary to take strategic advantage of technology. The impact of this program has been evident, it’s personally been very rewarding to be involved in a program that’s having such a noticeable impact on the region.

Matthew Bass
Professor of Software Architecture for Managers course, Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

Being practically an MBA-level education, the Masters in Technology program positions you for strategic mindset in management, technology, and collaboration. It is long-term focused, helping to open your eyes wider, move forward on several roads at the same time, but it also shows how you can evolve further after the program ends. If your priority is constant personal growth (or maybe even life-long learning), this is the right place to be at. Very knowledgeable experienced lecturers, smart students, and fast-paced learning sets you apart in a positive way and increases your odds of success in business.


Yuriy Gaiduchok
Alumnus, Global Business Transformation Lead, Ciklum

What I love about the MSc in Technology Management program where I teach is that the students develop key thinking frameworks and the skills needed to manage businesses which rely on, build upon, and create technology. I was thrilled with the contributions and assignments from students in the cohort which I taught last year — some of the best work of this type which I’ve seen. It demonstrates not only their capability and commitment but also the quality of other parts of the curriculum and their ability to master and apply what they’ve learned.


Scott Sehlhorst
Product Management and Strategy Consultant, President of Tyner Blain. Professor of the Product Management course

The MSTM program enables you, first and foremost, to see other people and see how they work. The program allows you to see the real business through the learning process. And this is something you will not see in your work. It is similar to flying on the helicopter and seeing the entire picture. It is also networking, it’s people who also talk about their pain and problems and how they deal with them. Such experience is invaluable.

The program gave me an understanding of what I want. I wanted to experiment. I realized that without trying to build a system from nothing, I would be bored and not interested in further transformations. Since I saw the full picture, everything on the macro and micro levels, I wanted to test everything losing my own energy and time.


Nazar Tymoshyk
Alumnus, Founder and CEO, UnderDefence

Today, technology is more accessible and requires an easier learning curve than ever before in human history. The wide adoption of technological advances is giving rise to new business models and opportunities that did not exist previously, and are likely to change in the future. This rapid pace of technology-driven innovation demands an empirical mindset focused on business value and ethical outcomes. It is imperative for technology managers to have a good understanding of business principles, a sound approach to creating value, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The LvBS MSTM program provides students with this knowledge, practical experience and exposure to world-class experts to grow their business competency, and advance their management and leadership skills — so they can succeed and be agents of change in society.

Alejandro Danylyshyn
West Region Service Line Leader, Deloitte Digital (San Francisco) Professor of the Digital Disruption course

It is literally a unique programme. This is the place where condensed experience, global business best practices and industry best networking opportunities come together. You have world-recognized experts as lecturers at MSTM, people whom your industry-mates just dream to take selfies with. Test your limits here. Grow your competence. Challenge your company and colleagues with your energy for change.

Accelerate yourself and perform. Just do it!

Antonina Skrypnyk
Alumna, Client Partner, Head of Financial Services Lab, SoftServe

Professors from Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard Business School, IESE International Graduate School of Management, Bled School of Management, University of St.Thomas, University of Minnesota, Dublin Institute of Technology, Hong Kong University of Science, Ivey Business School and Cheng Yu-Tung Management


Guest Speakers and Mentors featuring IT/high tech industry professionals from North America, Europe and Ukraine


Flexible schedule to combine job and studies (only 4 days per month)

Practical experience

A chance to carry out practical business and tech challenging project with the help of program mentors


Interactive format of studying (team work, case studies, company visits, etc.)

Period of guarantee

Program graduates have an opportuninty to take 2 MSc in Technology Management program courses within 2 years after graduation

Contact person
Evgenia Kralenkova
Head of Learning and Development
  • 067 675 66 08