October 2022


22 months






150 000 UAH

MSc in Marketing Management

MSc in Marketing Management – a modern European Master’s Degree Program in Marketing Management that integrates best practices in global business education and the experience of Ukrainian and international companies. For young people who want to build a career in marketing and implement extraordinary projects.

For whom
MSc in Marketing Management UCU Lviv Business School is created for bachelors of various specialties who are interested in system training and practical experience in the field of marketing, as well as for young marketing specialists who are starting their careers and need deep knowledge and opportunities to learn from the best specialists. The program will be interesting for people who want to understand market trends in the field of marketing for business, and during training to create their own portfolio with implemented marketing projects and recommendations from companies after successful completion of internship. An undeniable advantage of the master's program is the affiliation of its participants to the community of Ukrainian Catholic University, as well as the opportunity for students to join the business environment of participants and graduates of LvBS programs during their studies.
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11 core modules (duration of one module: 4-5 days once per month)

Summer internship.

4th semester — preparation and presentation of the diploma paper.

After graduating from this program, students will be able to:

  • better understand companies’ and clients’ needs;
  • implement strategies aimed at the effectiveness of businesses and organizations;
  • create competitive brands/products and promote them using marketing tools;
  • implement innovative marketing projects;
  • master digital marketing and communications tools;
  • plan and implement marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, and other resources;
  • have a portfolio of implemented marketing projects in businesses of different levels.

Thematic areas and courses

Business and Economics

Business management
Business design
Economics and finance for business
Design thinking
Law and ethics in business

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • understand how a company works, what its life cycles are, and what is the role of marketing in the company;
  • see different profit models of the organizations (based on examples of Ukrainian and renowned Western companies);
  • use the key elements of business design in your projects and enhance business models;
  • understand the processes occurring in the macro-environment and the impact of macroeconomic factors on the business activity;
  • read and understand the main financial documents of the company, interpret financial data, and assess the effectiveness of your projects in terms of business and finance;
  • master design thinking as the management tool, as well as the strategy, product, service, and innovation development tool;
  • analyze the company’s activities, including the marketing one, for compliance with the Ukrainian legislation and the ethical considerations.

Management and Marketing

Project management
Fundamentals of marketing and management of marketing activity
Product management
Brand management
Consumer behavior
Strategic marketing

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • possess project management skills that are necessary at all the stages of project development: idea generation, planning, setting a budget, and effectiveness assessment;
  • develop a marketing mix and know what tools should be used when dealing with the market, searching for innovations, launching new products and services;
  • implement organization and control of marketing activity at the enterprise;
  • check “viability” of the new product and master the methodology of launching innovations;
  • create brands and understand how to manage a brand portfolio;
  • understand the mechanism of consumer decision making, consider the impact factors, anticipate customer reaction, and launch effective marketing campaigns;
  • develop marketing strategy and tactics, effectively use marketing tools to implement business development strategies;
  • understand the principles of building a loyalty program.

Data and Analytics

Market analysis
Marketing researches
Business analytics

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • research the market and perform segmentation;
  • create a value proposition canvas and effective messages regarding a product or service;
  • organize marketing researches, knowing the necessary methods and techniques of their conduction;
  • use MS Excel to perform data analysis, forecasting, and A/B testing.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing
SEO, PPC, targeting

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • understand unit economics and integrated digital marketing tools;
  • develop KPI and control contractors;
  • use paid social media promotion tools and performance approach to increase sales;
  • develop content and media plans, analyze social media marketing performance.

Communications and Relationship Management

Integrated marketing communications
Visual communications
PR and reputation management

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • build effective communications;
  • develop an IMC brief;
  • develop prototypes, basic visual communications, as well as understand how to design a visual and how to audit it;
  • set a clear technical task for visual communications specialists;
  • analyze advertising text, develop a marketing communications plan encompassing textual and visual materials;
  • understand the characteristics of different genres and create stories;
  • master the tools of building successful communications for business, anti-crisis campaigns, and understand the role of PR in business.


Team building

After the completion of those thematic courses, you will be able to:

  • develop leadership competencies;
  • understand how to use leadership virtues in both everyday and work life;
  • possess team management and motivation skills;
  • solve problems within teams.


The students can also choose 5 additional courses from the Lviv Business School of UCU list of electives.


Step 1

  1. To fill in the application form
  2. To pass an interview
  1. To send an application form and a package of documents to, including:

– scan copies of Ukrainian and foreign passports.

– copies of the diploma of higher education

– an essay on the topic: “My best and worst experiences as a client”;

Step 2

At the scheduled date and time, take an additional admission test (an additional test in management for the holders of a degree in a specialty other than Management). This test is a prerequisite for further testing.

Step 3

If the applicant is a Bachelor’s degree holder, he/she must register for external independent testing in English and pass it.

Step 4

The applicant can visit the Admissions office of the Ukrainian Catholic University (17 Sventsitsky str., room 120) to submit his/her application and documents or do it online (the link will be available during the admission campaign).


  • an application in a paper form;
  • a Bachelor, Specialist, or Master’s Degree Diploma of a state-approved format and a Diploma Supplement (originals or copies);
  • a copy of the passport (pages 1, 2, and 11) or the ID card along with residence certificate;
  • a copy of the certificate of tax identification number;
  • a copy of the examination sheet of admission tests with the use of organizational and technological processes of the external independent testing for the applicants, who take external independent testing;
  • a copy of the military ID card or the military service registration certificate (for gentlemen) unless otherwise provided by law;
  • six photographs (size: 3 × 4 cm);
  • an essay on a program-specific topic.

Please, find all the details under this link:

Step 5

If eligible to take the admission tests according to the established schedule, the applicant must take:

  1. English language test (external independent testing, if the applicant holds a Bachelor’s degree; or an internal test, if the applicant holds a Master’s/Specialist degree);
  2. Professional admission test of a mixed format, which includes:
  • solving mathematical tasks to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to think logically and perform calculations;
  • solving a business case to show how the applicant will work under the conditions of uncertainty; in particular, how he/she will show his/her leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to be flexible and promote teamwork;
  • interviews to understand the applicant’s main motivation for learning, his/her expectations from the program, and the ability to work in a team with other students.

Step 6

If the applicant passes the admission tests, he/she must bring the originals of his/her Diploma and the Diploma Supplement to the Admissions office.

  • Bachelor’s degree in any specialty.
  • Work or practical experience in marketing or SMM (from 6 months to 1 year).
  • Knowledge of English at the level that meets the 2019 requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science to enter the Master’s degree program in “Management” (level: B2).
  • Knowledge of mathematics at the “sufficient” level, according to the state system of evaluation of higher education.

The task of the Academic Council is to become an influential stakeholder in shaping the strategic development path of the program that will best meet the needs of the market and the challenges of time, as well as global trends in business education.


Усе про програму . Відгуки випускників, відповіді від викладачів і не тільки

Modern European education in Ukraine

LvBS offers a modern European Master's program, training with best marketing practitioners from Ukraine and from abroad, continuous mentoring and the opportunity to gain practical experience in implementing marketing projects during training.

LvBS environment

Participants of the program from the first days of study become part of the dynamic business community of LvBS, develop professionally and personally together with it, which is a long-term investment in their own future.


The program provides for the development of analytical skills of participants. Courses include market analysis and marketing research, consumer behavior, leadership and strategies. This will give program participants a base to grow from a marketer to a marketing director

Knowledge of marketing tools

The program is designed to combine a deep systematic marketing knowledge and practical experience of marketing tools’ usage to implement campaigns.

Master's degree

Master Diploma of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, which can be legalized abroad (apostille).

UCU Community

The Ukrainian Catholic University provides the highest standards of education in the modern academic building in Lviv, as well as creates an environment of people who are ready to work responsibly for the development of Ukraine and jointly create its European future based on Christian values.

Evgenia Kralenkova
Head of Learning and Development
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