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MSc in Marketing Management

MSc in Marketing Management – an updated master’s program for marketers who seek to create systemic solutions in marketing, build magnetic brands, and form effective marketing teams.


October 2024


22 months

325 000 UAH

The MSc in Marketing Management of the UCU Business School is designed for people with 1+ years of experience in the field of marketing, who have a developed systematic and analytical thinking, and are able to work in a team; for those who speak English at a sufficient level (B2 since part of the courses are taught in English).

The program will be especially valuable for those who seek to systematize their knowledge in the field of marketing and want to learn from experienced teachers-practitioners from Ukraine and abroad. The program will be useful for those who seek to build their career in marketing and dream of creating magnetic products and services. The absolute advantage of the master’s program is the membership of its participants in the community of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the community of the UCU Business School, as well as the opportunity to join the business environment of LvBS program participants and graduates during their studies – the community already has more than 600 people. Training format: modular (4-5 days once a month).

A modern master’s program in the management of marketing activities, designed to form a new generation of marketers-managers with a holistic understanding of marketing as a system where the client/consumer is at the center, and with the ability to create value for them. The program is led by experienced teachers-practitioners from Ukraine and abroad. An updated master’s program for marketers who seek to create systemic solutions in marketing, build magnetic brands, and form effective marketing teams.

Upon completion of the program, participants will acquire the following skills:

  •         form an understanding of marketing as a system;
  •         master a set of tools for determining client needs; forming, communicating, and scaling a value proposition for the target audience;
  •         conduct in-depth research and synthesize results into hypotheses and solutions;
  •         create products and solutions that customers need;
  •         create and manage brands that best deliver customer value;
  •         develop communication strategies that deliver value to the client;
  •         understand the basics of forming a digital strategy, know contemporary digital tools;
  •         have a portfolio with marketing solutions implemented in practice for companies and community-oriented projects;
  •         work effectively in teams, embody leadership qualities and management skills.

Admission 2024 to the Master’s degree program

We are pleased to invite you to study at the Master’s programs of the UCU Business School! Admission 2024 is open!

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About admission 2024

Program structure
  • 11 main modules (module duration 4-5 days once a month);
  • Team work on solutions for community-oriented, social projects;
  • Elective courses.
  • Preparation and defense of the diploma project.


  • Setting goals
  • Teamwork

Finance and budgeting. Project management

  • Basics of finance and key business indicators. Budgeting. Business plan development
  • Fundamentals of project management.

Business management and marketing

  • Business strategy. Business model
  • Marketing strategy
  • Value creation frameworks
  • Role of marketing in the company

Behavioral economics, research, and analytics

  • Behavioral economics. Consumer behavior
  • Marketing research and analytics

Consumer value – search and design

  • JTBD methodologies, mental models

Brand management. Customer experience management

  • Brand building. Brand strategy
  • CX strategy

Product management and innovation

  • Creating a product that buyers “hire” for work. Key product creation models. Product management strategies
  • Search for innovation

Marketing communications and reputation management

  • Communication strategy. Integrated marketing communications and communication platforms.
  • PR and reputation management. Crisis communications.

Communication planning and creativity

  • Creative strategy. Creative platform. Creative management
  • Media strategy. Media communications ecosystem. Planning

Leadership. Ethics. Law

Digital marketing

  • Digital strategy
  • SMM strategy

Elective courses

Preparation and defense of the final project

  • Experience in marketing from 1 year (marketing, SMM, PR, communications, etc.);
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any specialty (a foreign degree requires recognition*);
  • Knowledge of the English language at a level that meets the requirements for admission to the program (recommended level B2);
  • Developed logical, critical and systemic thinking, ability to analyze and draw conclusions;
  • Ability and willingness to work in a team, focus on development and active learning;
  • Knowledge of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship sufficient to pass a single professional entrance exam (SPEE).**

*We draw your attention to the need to carry out the mandatory procedure for the recognition of a diploma issued by a foreign educational institution, on the basis of which you plan to enter the Ukrainian Catholic University. Instructions for remote submission of documents for recognition by the Information and Image Center and a list of necessary documents at the link

**SPEE is a mandatory entrance exam for entrants with a bachelor’s degree; it can be replaced by a professional internal exam for entrants with a master’s/specialist’s diploma.

Modern education in Ukraine with a practical direction

A modern master's program of the European level; classes given by experienced teachers-practitioners from Ukraine and abroad; mentoring and the opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of marketing projects during studies. Active teamwork, interaction with like-minded practitioners. Personal impact on social change through work on solutions for community-oriented projects.

Understanding of marketing as a system and the ability to create value for the customer

The focus of the program is on forming the mindset of a marketer-manager, understanding marketing as a system, mastering a set of necessary tools. Emphasis on the formation of the ability to understand the client, search for, create and convey value for him. And from here - to develop magnetic brands for consumers.

The UCU community and the UCU Business School (LvBS)

High standards of education, training in modern formats and conditions. An environment of people who are ready to work responsibly for the development of Ukraine and jointly create its European future on the foundation of Christian values. A dynamic business community of LvBS, together with which members grow professionally and personally.

Convenient study schedule

The modular format (approximately 4-5 days/month) makes it possible to successfully combine study and work.

Master's degree

Obtaining a master's degree and a diploma of the Ukrainian Catholic University in European standard.

Belonging to the UCU Business School Alumni

A community of graduates who are united by values and are open to sharing experiences and finding new opportunities. After defending the diploma, the participants of the program join the large community of graduates of the UCU Business School, which opens the way to new opportunities.

Director of the program
Igor Blystiv
A Marketing Director with over 19 years of experience. An expert in strategic marketing, brand creation and management.
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Academic manager
Larysa Buk
Academic manager of MSc in Marketing Management
+38 097 323 5194
Contact person
Larysa Buk
Academic manager of MSc in Marketing Management
+38 097 323 5194