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MSc in Marketing Management

MSc in Marketing Management – a modern European Master’s Degree Program in Marketing Management that integrates best practices in global business education and the experience of Ukrainian and international companies. For young people who want to build a career in marketing and implement extraordinary projects.

For whom

MSc in Marketing Management UCU Lviv Business School is created for bachelors of various specialties who are interested in system training and practical experience in the field of marketing, as well as for young marketing specialists who are starting their careers and need deep knowledge and opportunities to learn from the best specialists. The program will be interesting for people who want to understand market trends in the field of marketing for business, and during training to create their own portfolio with implemented marketing projects and recommendations from companies after successful completion of internship. An undeniable advantage of the master's program is the affiliation of its participants to the community of Ukrainian Catholic University, as well as the opportunity for students to join the business environment of participants and graduates of LvBS programs during their studies.
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  • 1st and 2nd terms provide full-time learning (2-3 days per week).
  • Summer internship.
  • 3rd term – modular training, 1 week during the month.
  • 4th term – preparation and defense of a graduation project.


Economics, business and management

  • Business as a system
  • Economics for Business
  • Finance
  • The basics of marketing for business

Data and analytics

  • Market analysis and marketing research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Product management and quality management
  • Sales management
  • New product development and innovations
  • Design thinking

Customer Relationship Management and Communication

  • Brand management
  • Databases and client experience management
  • Visual communications
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Advertising and PR

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO, PPC, targeting, E-commerce

Leadership, strategies, ethics

  • Leadership
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Strategic marketing and competitive strategies

Selective Courses:

  • Program participants have the opportunity to choose 3 courses from a list of the business school’s elective courses (Project Management, Organizational Development, Business Process Modeling, Emotional Intelligence, and more)


Step 1

  1. To fill in the application form
  2. To pass an interview
  1. To send an application form and a package of documents to, including:

– scan copies of Ukrainian and foreign passports.

– copies of the diploma of higher education


  • Bachelor’s degree in any specialty.
  • Knowledge of English at a level that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science to enter the Master’s program in “Management” in 2019 (level B2).
  • Knowledge of mathematics at the “sufficient” level, according to the state system of evaluation of higher education.


Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the needs of businesses and customers.
  • Implement strategies that target effectivity of business and organizations.
  • Create competitive brands/products and be able to promote them through marketing tools.
  • Implement innovative marketing projects.
  • Have a solid command of digital marketing and communication tools.
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Google Adwords.
  • Have a portfolio of translated into practice marketing projects in businesses of various levels and recommendations from companies.


The task of the Academic Council is to become an influential stakeholder in shaping the strategic development path of the program that will best meet the needs of the market and the challenges of time, as well as global trends in business education.


Modern European education in Ukraine

LvBS offers a modern European Master's program, training with best marketing practitioners from Ukraine and from abroad, continuous mentoring and the opportunity to gain practical experience in implementing marketing projects during training.

LvBS environment

Participants of the program from the first days of study become part of the dynamic business community of LvBS, develop professionally and personally together with it, which is a long-term investment in their own future.


The program provides for the development of analytical skills of participants. Courses include market analysis and marketing research, consumer behavior, leadership and strategies. This will give program participants a base to grow from a marketer to a marketing director

Knowledge of marketing tools

The program is designed to combine a deep systematic marketing knowledge and practical experience of marketing tools’ usage to implement campaigns.

Master's degree

Master Diploma of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, which can be legalized abroad (apostille).

UCU Community

The Ukrainian Catholic University provides the highest standards of education in the modern academic building in Lviv, as well as creates an environment of people who are ready to work responsibly for the development of Ukraine and jointly create its European future based on Christian values.


Olena Kulygina

MSc in Marketing Management Program Manager
  • +38(067) 18 06 777
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