Ideas Lab: Networking and Search for Business Contacts

On January 22 Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites to the Ideas Lab on the topic of “Networking. How to Weave a Web of Useful Business Contacts?”. “People who have found their vocation in business are rarely on their own. Instead, you have to constantly contact with partners, clients or investors. In this case, networking becomes simply an indispensable tool”, – explains Andriy Stepura, public speaking coach.

“They say we are the sum of those small decisions we take every day. But this formula is false, it does not have the most important – other people present in our lives. Stop for a moment and remember your life. How did you become a person you are now? Remember how many people have affected you – someone helped to find a job, someone got acquainted with the other half. This is networking”, – says Andriy Stepura. And adds: we exist in a large network of people, where everyone’s possibilities are determined by the possibilities of his acquaintances.

During the master class:

  1. You will learn how to easily remember the names of people you have met at a workshop or conference.
  2. Self-presentation in 30 seconds. How to be remembered not having to blush.
  3. Get the most important lesson from Google, which will facilitate saving up to 80% on gifts.
  4. Learn lessons from Benjamin Franklin and Chuck Norris.
  5. Learn to defend yourself against the two most common patterns of business manipulation often met in the business.
  6. Find out what a polite refusal is and how to use it. And also – how to know the value of your time.

Date and time: January 22 (Monday) at 5:30 pm

Location: the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center, 4 Kozelnytska St., Park lecture hall.

The event price is UAH 200. Entrance is free for MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship programs participants.

Contact person: Olena Andriushchenko, + 38 063 308 7323,

Reference. Andriy Stepura – public speaking coach; certified NLP Practitioner (Anna Prince, Kyiv); certified business coach and instructor (Isaak Pintosevich, Kyiv); participant in the annual base course in Positive Psychotherapy; held 60+ monthly courses in public speaking; 17 years of exploring the theme of public speaking; and being a fan of Salsa and Standup.