14 real and global projects: the participants of the Key Executive MBA have successfully presented their projects!

19 May 2017

14 awe-inspiring projects, 14 successful businessmen, 14 fresh graduates of the UCU Lviv Business School. The participants of the Key Executive MBA have presented their projects in the spheres of IT solutions, agricultural sector, logistics, retail, metal-working industry, social entrepreneurship, franchising, light industry, etc., which were highly esteemed by the members of the board.

Mykhailo Kolisnyk, the member of the board, professor, expert in finance and management accounting, recalls: «The work on the graduation projects is one of the most remarkable activities during the education process within the Key Executive МВА program. Those having accomplished it, will not remain the same in any way. The development of an individual project and quite often its partial or full-scale implementation even prior to the presentation literally allows going through it with a fine-tooth comb, trying out its practical application and the efficiency of the managerial tools which are taught in the course of the MBA program. This is exactly what made the presentation of the diploma projects within the Key Executive MВА program at the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) last week so different.

Seven members of the board, with not only teachers, but also practicing businessmen, the owners of large businesses, HR managers and practicing marketing specialists among them, were scrupulously examining the projects presented by the KE MBA graduates. The presentation of the projects had lasted for the whole day and the graduates were given a chance to demonstrate their best sides. «Under suchlike circumstances it is not enough to just appropriately develop the functional part of the project and apply the acquired tools. It is highly important to live through your project and channel all of your energy into its implementation. And if you manage it, despite immense difficulties in your way to obtaining the MBA, you become the integral part of a relatively small, but extremely powerful community of soulmates in business facing a daunting task of a national scale: undertaking the responsibility for sustaining the efficient GDP growth in our country for a better life of new generations of Ukrainians», – recaps Mykhailo Kolisnyk.

Right after the presentation of the project Liliya Stupnytska, already the graduate of the Key Executive МВА program, shared her fresh and bright emotions: «We have come a long way. The first impression seemed like I had just run a marathon: joyfully, proudly, awesomely, but all I could was just stare into one point ;). In case some people wonder whether they need to study when seemingly they have already achieved everything and are comfortable with their lives, I would like to tell them: you need it the most! Such education is changing you, it gives you much more than you can expect, something that is hard to imagine when you’re just starting your way and are to make choices and the final decision whether you really need it. Altogether, according to Liliya Stupnytska, the greatest merit of the education at the UCU LvBS is the people you meet there. «Here you make friends who will show, tell how, teach and help you when the need comes, sometimes they can even be poking fun at you. Here you receive the access to unimaginable source of ideas, possibilities and initiatives. It is where the expression «four eyes see more than two» acquires a real practical application. The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) will always remain in my heart», – she wrote.

Yaryna Boichuk, the member of the board, academic director of the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS), pointed out: «All the projects were highly esteemed by the experts. Some of them are already being implemented in global markets. But all of them possess some unique feature which is considerable influence on the development of the country not only through bringing the investment, but also due to impacting the society».

And now, when the successful presentation of the projects is already behind, the graduates of the Key Executive МВА are getting ready for a graduation ceremony!

By the way, the registration for the Key Executive МВА program has already started.