35-40% of successful HR-directors have come into profession from business – LvBS presented HR-direction programs

Why the professional education of international level is so necessary for HR-specialist today, what key competencies are necessary to work in this field, and how social responsibility of the company influences on the level of trust to the brand and its influence? That is what the participants of the presentation of HR-direction of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) programs got know.

Anna Lewis, academic Master’s Program leader in MA in Human Resources and Organization Development, told the participants about the trends and key competences for the specialists in HR field referring to the data of researches. According to a teacher of LvBS, CIPD survey certifies that35-40% of all directors of HR companies – have come into profession from business. Actually, it is the understanding of business processes that gave the specialists the possibility to achieve high level of realization in HR. At the same time among 557 HR-specialists interviewed by edition HR Expert – almost half of them come into profession accidentally… It is no surprise, given that earlier this profession was service-oriented, then – process-oriented, and only now HR-field have come up to the stage, when its specialists take for ground the understanding of business, and it became the driving force of organizational development. It is on the stage of new generation of HR-specialists emerging, who becomes an equal partner in business.

For this they need a comprehensive education with three components: business, organizational and contextual, and also they should have a set of key competencies, and influence skills are among them. Namely, this competence was discussed during the open session «Influence skills for HR» in Lviv Business School.

 11 factors of proactive influence

The trust to the brand may be created with the social responsibility of organization. Since the positive involvement and participation in the organization life create the correct image of objectivity and credibility to the organization.  It is appropriate here to recall the quote from the “Hoeffler and Keller 2002” research claiming that the trust to the company reflects organization brand.  The trust in a brand is the main indicator of the level of its influence.

The success of influence depends heavily on tactics that HR-specialist uses and understanding of the situation context. According to the study (Yukl, 1999), there are a number of influencing factors, among which are rational persuasion, compliment, exchange, pressure, tactics coalition, advice, inspirational appeals, personal requests and other.

Among these tactics there are 3 most effective and widely used:

  • Rational persuasion. This tactic is a logical justification and the actual confirmation that the offer is advantageous and worth of approval.
  • Compliment. When influencer uses compliments and success recognition of this one, whose decision should be influenced causing pleasant emotions, or even presents a gift.
  • Coalition. This is the way to involve others to the own so-called “support group”, and influence in this way, referring to that it is the request of the part of the staff, but not the personal request.

However, you should remember the same tactics may be appropriate and absolutely not appropriate depending on the culture, where they are used. If that is in USA, the gift during negotiations is equal to the bribe and can be offensive, and in China this tactics is a manifestation of respect.

This proves that choice of tactics depends on different factors:

  1.  expected success of attempts to influence;
  2. relationships between team members and the expected duration of influence;
  3. status characteristics;
  4. prospects of interaction: these who expects the long relationship with the influenced, should use the soft methods;
  5. intercultural differences;
  6. variability of approaches, depending on the team.

The first module of MA in Human Resources and Organization Development program will be dedicated to the influence skills and other key competencies of HR. The program starts on September 20.

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After the open session of Master’s program also the presentation of newly-formed program “HRM in business” was presented – program for those who only plan to start its career in HR. The academic leader of the program Natalka Shpot has told of that. This program sets the goals to create an environment of effective professionals, growth and development in business, and to create a professional identity as well as “right” mindset of HR-specialist for the participants.

The program will consist of six modules, where the participants will learn HR and organization, provision of organization with personnel, staff retention, evaluation of personnel, training and development of staff, finances and compensation.

Register to the program «HRM in business».

After the presentation the participants continued informal communication with a cocktail on the terrace.