Adrian Slywotzky: Human Capital and International Connections Key for Reviving Economy

15 Apr 2014

“If in Ukraine the investment climate were to improve, a number of legislative changes were to be made, and the level of corruption were to be reduced, then human capital, talent, experience, and connections that currently exist in business (and which did not exist 5-10 years ago) would become the basis for revival of the Ukrainian economy,” believes Adrian Slywotzky, a leading business thinker in the world, partner at Oliver Wyman, member of the LvBS Advisory Council.

On April 10-11 at the UCU Lviv Business School he began teaching the course “The Art of Victory” on business models, strategy, and leadership for corporate executives.

According to Adrian Slywotzky, human capital has always been the basis for the reconstruction of any economy in the world. Ukraine is not an exception. “Today the Ukrainian business environment is in much better shape than it was 5-10 years ago. This includes not only technical knowledge, but also the outlook of managers: both businesses and businesspersons in Ukraine have changed. First, it is striking that more and more entrepreneurs speak Ukrainian well. Secondly, more and more leaders (and this applies not only to the IT industry) have formed links with other European countries, with the United States. In Ukraine there are leaders who have proven that they can build a global company,” says the business consultant.

According to Adrian Slywotzky, one of the biggest challenges facing Ukrainian business is to change the way of thinking. “You may think I am just a manager, business conditions are terrible, we are a small town, region. What can be achieved in such conditions? But the best companies don’t start only in the U.S., France, and Japan! No need to invent anything new, there are many examples of successful companies, learn from these examples, use their strategic and tactical moves in your industries and companies. And if you want to create value, convince yourself that have to read a lot and learn English,” he advised the managers.

The course “The Art of Victory,” which is unique in terms of methodology and content, began with six two-day lectures on migration of values, building business models, the world of four industries, demand, and ethical principles in community leaders. After two days of direct work, participants started three months of remote learning, during which they will complete assignments and read recommended literature. At the end of training, they will have a follow-up with Adrian Slywotzky.