“Time of Leadership And Trust”: Center for Leadership of UCU Was Opened In Lviv

28 Oct 2016

On October 20, a presentation of the Center for Leadership of UCU took place in the Ukrainian Catholic University. The mission of the Center – is to make a breakthrough in the theme researches, the methodology and leadership training. Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU, a professor of LvBS Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi delivered a lecture on the theme “The New Society: the Leader’s Opinion” and told about the development plans of the Center: “Talking about visionary things, we want to be recognized among Ukrainian practitioners and researchers as the world-class experts. And we believe that we will be able to help the world by our cases in the future”.

Andriy Rozhdestvenskyy

 The first speaker of the presentation Ihor Skochylias, Pro-Rector for Research of the UCU, named the opening of the Center a very important event for the university and its community. “This allows us to remember the trajectory of how it was formed by the leadership of Borys Vladyka. Opening of the Center is important for our community, as it is creating of a platform, where the academic sphere, business and public space can converge”.

Igor Skochylyas

Head of the City Institute Oleksandr Kobzariev remarked that there is leadership rethinking in the world now. “I find it hard to imagine the world without the fight of competition, sacrifice and service. For these are those things, entailing the leadership. To serve the people, to sacrifice oneself, in order to give people light – this is the leadership that we need, Ukraine needs, the world needs. Now we are at the breaking up of the elite, we have another challenge to replace the oligarchic elite by the public leaders that will serve the community”, – Oleksandr Kobzariev noted.

Oleksandr Kobzarev

After his speech, Andrii Rozhdestvensky told that the Center for Leadership of UCU will conduct the research, using the experience and methodology of one of the leading business-schools of the world Ivey (Canada), and will develop its own. Within the activity of the Center the team will develop managerial training cases, which will be included in the educational program both of Lviv Business School LvBS, School of Public Management of the UCU, Leadership Institute of the UCU, and other programs. The project is supported by Ihor Ihnatovych and his wife Marta Ihnatovych, President and CEO of the investment company First Generation Capital Inc, located in Canada.


“I have good news: leaders are not born, you can become a leader! – noted Yaroslav Rushchyshyn, the presentation participant, Founder and CEO of “Trottola” OJSC, Co-Founder and Member of LvBS Supervisory Board. – A true leader must be a generator of social capital and trust among people. Classical management hierarchy of the ХІХ century, that is a vertical, is already crumbling. We turn to global business, and our graduate will work online with a boy from Uruguay tomorrow. And how do unite these people into one company? This is the connection between people, the trust. ХХІ century – is a transition from the hierarchy to leadership and trust”.

Yaroslav Rushchyshyn

Another speaker of the presentation, Vladyslav Rashkovan, Partner of the Investment Bank SD Capital, Ex-Deputy of the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine was talking about the lack of strong leaders nowadays in Ukraine and noted: “ХХІ century – is a time of uncertainty. And the task of a true leader – is to find those things that will unite people in the conditions of uncertainty”.

Vladyslav Rashkovan

Father Stepan Sus, Rector of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Church and military chaplain, believes that a leader – is a man, who is capable of dialogue, even in critical conditions: “Leaders are those, who can remain in their ideas and beliefs, but be able to communicate and listen to each other. This is a sign of mature leadership”.

Contacts of the centre: contacts: tel.: 032 240 99 44, e-mail: info@ucu.edu.ua.

o. Stepan Sus