MSIE Module: Time isn’t just money anymore, it’s much more valuable than money

Test-driving business ideas, exams, a new group leader, and a lot of valuable workshops. On March 12-15, 2014, one more module took place for the second group of participants of the MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program.

This module was full of extraordinary and positive events. The most energetic part of it was test-driving business ideas. Firstly, the participants tested their ideas face to face with the group. Afterward they presented them to the experts. All participants received personal feedback on their ideas. 

The biggest part of the module was devoted to finances. During the course “Expenses Management” with Mykhailo Salo and Liubomyr Tarnovskyi, the participants learned how to distinguish relevant and irrelevant expenses and to make the right financial decisions. Now the participants have an opportunity to put their knowledge in expenses optimization into practice.

Human recourses expert Olha Sadokha presented methods of effective personnel management. Together with Yaroslav Prytula, an expert in international economy analysis and finance, the participants discussed the reasons and outcomes of the economic crisis in different countries, and compared them to Ukraine.


The module included many workshops. The founder of the company Euroindex Valeriy Pekar spoke about the 30 most popular trends and shared his predictions on how the events surrounding Euromaidan and Crimea will unfold. This meeting gave the participants more ideas and motivation to implement their projects, and new topics to think about regarding the future of Ukraine.  

José Casanova, professor of sociology at Georgetown University (USA), spoke about the role of Christian values in transformational processes. The lecture began about Poland, Spain, Brazil, and finished with the question of Ukrainian reality, in particular the most relevant issue – Crimea.

The participants also met two participants from the first MSIE group – Tymofiy Aleksandronets and Yaroslav Charkovskyi. They shared their knowledge on how to work on their projects during their studies at the program, gave practical advice on what to do with one’s idea and how to avoid mistakes at the beginning of one’s project.

In addition, representatives of Kormotekh, the top pet food nutrition company in Ukraine, visited LvBS. During the last module the participants had an opportunity to visit the company, to see the manufacturing process and other aspects of the work. This time, after working on the case study, they presented a development strategy for Kormotekh. The participants proposed unique innovative solutions in marketing. They spoke about what is important to focus on and how it would be best to use the company’s recourses. Marketing Director of Kormotekh Ihor Blystiv liked some of the ideas so much that he promised to implement them very soon.

During the module, the participants took two exams – for the course “Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship” by Andriy Hrynchuk and part of the final exam for “Business Communications”, which was taught by Yevhen Hlibovytskyi. The group also chose a new leader for better communication during the academic year. The new group leader is Svitlana Kolomiets!

“All of my classmates will agree that this module was, probably, the most intensive judging both from the usefulness of the information and the lack of time to understand all of it. During the meeting with Valeriy Pekar, only the sound of people shuffling through papers to write down their insights was heard. Since I am a sociologist, it was very interesting for me to hear José Casanova’s lecture: the sociology of religion is one of my favorite disciplines. And with Olha Sadokha we switched very naturally from the topic of time management to HR advice. To sum up –  preparing for exams in a very short time, amazing workshops, plus the transition to another level: test-driving ideas together with the experts,” participant of MSc in Innovations&Entrepreneurship Yaryna Vozniak said about her experience.