Will the world change if your idea is not implemented?

21 Apr 2015

The 8th module of MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship is over. It featured a course in innovative marketing taught by Igor Gut and an investment master class by Dmytro Symovonyk. We also had an opportunity to test our ideas with experts – participants of Key Executive MBA and reflect on the course “Experts in Teamwork” organized in partnership with the Norwegian University NTNU.

ThecourseExpertsinTeamworkculminated with project presentations for Lviv City Council. We had been working in groups towards solutions to the city’s two problems: we had a month to 1) understand how to develop local business and 2) improve theater performance.

The following ideas were generated

– creating a space in Lviv (a sort of business hub) where entrepreneurs can get together, work, communicate and find support at different stages of project implementation;
– creating an online platform for selling locally produced consumer goods (B2C) in order to promote local brands and help local businesses develop;
– marketing and PR for the city’s theaters: #‎MSIE3 participants have already started working on a pilot project – the First Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth in Lviv.

It is noteworthy that the primary focus of this course was on teamwork. The course embraced numerous psychological elements and was based on emotional interaction among its participants. To say it was difficult would be an understatement, but I think the value of this course will manifest itself only with time. After all, hard work always pays off. In my opinion, the phrase “Changing the way we act by changing the way we think” reflects the nature of this course best.

Учасники курсу «Experts in Teamwork»

Katinka Kolsaker, course coordinator from Norway and CEO of Innoco, worked with the participants at LvBS:
“Innovations demand more and more interdisciplinary teams. And working with a team with interdisciplinary skills is a real challenge. This course “Experts in Team” creates a very safe arena to practice the challenges of working across different skills, different cultural elements, etc., which raises the potential of innovation. The course aims to explore how interdisciplinary teamwork can unlock the potential of innovation and creativity.

Then we spent several days with Igor Gut. I think he is the first marketing expert I know who recommended looking for marketing laws in the Bible :). He also made the following book read suggestions: Amosov’s Encyclopedia, all works by Erich Fromm, Toffler’s Future Shock and Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations. We talked about balance (business, family, personal life), the importance of selecting the right business model, brand power based on ‘Slywotzky’s triangle’. If you want to know more details, I strongly recommend that you read Igor Gut’s column at Forbes.ua.

Besides, together with Dmytro Symovonyk from Citadel Capital, we talked about investments: how startuppers can prepare for a meeting with a potential investor, at what stage and where to look for capital, etc.

At the end of the module, we tested our ideas with Key Executive MBA participants who acted as experts. Here’s some advice for those who want to present their idea in 5 minutes: you should answer the following questions in the first place:

– Will the world change if your idea is not implemented?
– Whose problem are you trying to solve?
– Do you have plan B in case plan A doesn’t work?
– Do you have a team that would be willing to put your idea into practice?

So come on! Go ahead and act to make your dreams come true! 🙂

This academic year, instead of a traditional module report, MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship offers a personal blog from Liliya Borovets, participant of the third #MSIE3.