Discussion “Challenges and perspectives for IT-sphere”

Lviv Business School organised the discussion “Challenges and perspectives for IT-sphere: How the IT professionals can influence the situation in Ukraine?” with Theo Schnitfink, CEO Symphony Solutions, and Oleksiy Skrypnyk, CEO ELEKS Software, on 6th of March. 

Experts shared their opinions on the recent events in Ukraine and stimulated discussion between participants about how the IT can facilitate positive changes:

“IT people are smart guys, who know HOW to think and know how to APPLY the knowledge. IT sphere is the most fast-growing and privileged; but with privilege comes great responsibility. IT sphere should step in for the leadership role now. The main virus we would like to put in your heads – become more creative! For example, develop the open source system, which will ensure the transparency on all the levels. The democracy in Ukraine is now like a new-born baby, it still needs a lot of attention, the changes will not happen overnight” – said Oleksiy Skrypnyk & Theo Schnitfink.

Two great ideas were born over the discussion. They are very simple, but at the same time – extremely useful for our society!

1) create system, which allow simultaneous counting process on elections by sending local results in advance by MMS.
Result: no cheating/manipulations on elections after counting

2) parliament working groups before meeting check in on the simple website, and vote Yes/No on questions to be discussed. Therefore, on parliamentary meeting they discuss only those questions, which don’t have one definite result.
Result: e.g. one of the European countries already implemented such system and it saves 88% time of discussions before parliamentary voting.