We Are Generating Ideas for Lviv: LvBS Meets with Mayor Andriy Sadovyi

Students of the LvBS Program in Innovations and Entrepreneurship presented their projects – innovative, high-value, low-cost solutions and ideas to solve four problems in Lviv – to the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi and representatives of the local administration.

Over the course of two months, participants of the MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, as part of the course “Management of Innovation” by Pavlo Sheremeta, on an assignment from the Lviv mayor implemented projects where they offered suggestions and innovative ideas to solve four problems in the city:

1) development of entrepreneurship through business incubators;
2) more efficient use of local libraries;
3) organization and promotion of a healthy lifestyle for teenagers who are prone to alcoholism;
4) development of tourism through better cooperation with the private sector.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi shared his impressions of the presentations and discussion of the proposed ideas: “We need to give people the knowledge what is needed now. In Ukraine education is often detached from reality. On MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship you have a unique opportunity to generate an idea and put it into practice. For me it is important that the projects that you presented will be implemented.”

President of the Kyiv School of Economics and Chair of the LvBS Advisory Board Pavlo Sheremeta said: “To study the theory of innovations in Lviv Business School of UCU, we decided to approach it from a practical point of view in order to get results. This pragmatic approach brings together the academic community, government, and non-governmental organizations. The mayor was interested in the ideas that were suggested by the participants. We want to create an intellectual platform for thinking and learning to solve problems for citizens.”

According to the head of  Lviv Business School of UCU, Sophia Opatska, an opportunity to present their works to the mayor of Lviv  and his team, and to get feedback is a special, unique, and rewarding experience for all participants.