Christ has risen! He has risen indeed!

10 Apr 2015

“…the Lord has been raised, and has put death to death; for he is the Son of God, who saves the human race!”
from “On the Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha”

Dear friends, may we wish you a very Happy Easter and offer our warmest regards on this bright holiday of Christ’s Resurrection. The risen Christ gives all of us great hope because He conquered death and gave us eternal life. May this hope fill your hearts with love, light and faith in victory. Peace be on you and your families!

Christ has risen!
He has risen indeed!

Yours sincerely,
UCU Lviv Business School team

P.S. Our greeting card depicts an Easter egg “At a Crossroads” painted this year by our graduates within the Easter Eggs Festival in Lviv. You can feast your eyes on the exhibits in Lviv at Muzeyna Square until April 19.