MSIE3 Module: Actions speak louder than words

3 Oct 2014

What are your expectations towards business education? Do you expect business leaders and high professionals giving you lessons? Do you expect to study with people who are passionate about their dreams and goals? Do you expect getting clear instruments to implement gained knowledge right from the very beginning of study?

If you said “yes” to those questions, do not worry, because you get definitely more.

On the first day of the module, we’ve got acquainted with each other. It’s really different to study with people who have made conscious decision to study in LvBS, who have clear “why” to be here and who know “what I can get and give” during my study. 

Our first lecturer was Daniel Lewis who assisted companies in the development of management and leadership skills. He guided us through the process of self-discovery and helped us to understand our learning styles. So now we know how to form the best teams within our groupJ

On the 2nd day we were totally fascinated by personal experience of Olga Gutsal. We got so much food for thoughts while listening about life-circle of organizations:

“If everything that happens with business you try on a man, you will understand which decisions you should make. The body of business and your body is the same. That’s why it’s so important at first to talk with yourself”.

“Everyone is wearing the box on his head”, – reminded us Yaryna Klyuchkovska, talking about business communication. Whole day we were practicing to find the best ways to communicate clearly about our ideas. “You should always be TED-ready” – such advice is still in my mind. Moreover, the question: “What will be your story?” keeps us more effective and eager to make our ideas real as soon as possibleJ

Serhiy Hvozdiov plunged us into “Blue oceans strategy”. Even if someone had read the book before, Serhiy gave us clear mechanisms to discover our competitive advantage. We worked on strategic canvas, pain points of our future or current target audience to create high value for our clients and even non-clients.

Of course, to start the business you should understand which legal form you can use. Andriy Hrynchuk’s session “Legal aspects of entrepreneurship” was just in time.

The last day was probably the most active. Physically. We had the opportunity together with group of Human resources and Organizational Development to experience all the stages of team formation, observe the leadership styles in each other and just enjoy this autumn day together.

Best of all, when you are studying in LvBS, you are absorbed into atmosphere – you feel high expectations and huge responsibility for your actions. Thank you for such learning experience to LvBS team. We are really excited about our next module!