Space-related presentation of MSc in Technology Management: how to become a world leader in the domain of technology

Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University presented the updated MSc in Technology Management Master’s program designed for technological companies executives, which is to be launched this October, on July 08, 2021, in Kyiv.

Volodymyr Khitsyak, program academic manager, got the participants acquainted with changes in the program for the year 2021. Moreover, he dwelt upon the peculiarities of studying at the unique Master’s program in Ukraine, which gives business education in the domain of technology.

“The technology industries are changing dynamically, and these changes are also reflected in the MSTM program. Now we see that business education in the domain of technology management is important not only for the IT industry. After all, more and more companies from other industries (agriculture, retail, FMGG, etc.) are implementing technological solutions and developing digital infrastructure.

All these directions need modern and well-educated leaders, who can understand global trends, motivate, and develop teams. That is why we have updated the program by introducing the two courses called R&D Management and Intellectual Property Management,” said Volodymyr Khitsyak, program academic manager.


The participants also had a great opportunity to talk with the graduates and the lecturer conducting financial courses of this Master’s program, Yurii Zaiarnyi, who has 20 years of practical experience in the industry.


The honorary guests of this presentation were the team members of the Ukrainian space startup FireWay that won the largest international space hackathon NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020 in the category “Best Use of Technology.”

The team participated in a Q&A session and answered the question: “How to run a hackathon to win a world competition?” The engineers also talked about their technological breakthrough: a universal space connector, which allows refueling satellites from a tanker directly in orbit, thus extending their service life.


After some discussions on technology, the participants had a lively networking activity. Owners, top managers, industry leaders, project and product managers of IT companies, as well as both graduates and lecturers of the MSc in Technology Management program have joined it.

By the way, MSc in Technology Management program is designed for technological companies executives and top managers. It is aimed at bridging the gap between technical and business competencies, improving the understanding of clients’ actual needs, developing a visionary approach towards running a business, as well as enhancing management and leadership skills.

We would like to share some photos from this presentation. And now, see you in October being the students of MSc in Technology Management Master’s program in technology.


Media sponsor of the event: IТ Ukraine Association