LvBS joins the nationwide strike

2 Dec 2013

Dear Colleagues, Friends of Lviv Business School and Ukrainian Catholic University!

We would like to send short message to every person supporting in different way our school and working with us – some of you are our partners in international associations, some – teach at our business school, some support our intellectual projects or participate in our programs.

Last Saturday Ukrainian authorities used physical power against peaceful demonstration of students and young people. Among them was our team member who witnessed all cruelty and cinism of that night. Yesterday hundreds of thousands people joined the peaceful demonstration in Kyiv. 

Unfortunatly a number of provocations happened and international press is actively sharing exactly these pictures saying little that indeed ours is a peaceful rally. We condemn the actions of a few hundred militant men who we suspect were hired to instigate violence. In our opinion violence is disgusting – no matter who commits it. We try not to let allow a few mercenaries tarnish our lawful expression of free will. Therefor all members of community of Lviv Business School and Ukrainian Catholic University will continue to protest peacefully and as many of us believe the world will see how, for the second time in history, Ukraine protects its democracy in a lawful, peaceful manner.

We ask for you moral support and prayers!