LvBSgraduation-2016: The best is yet to come!

Graduation in 2016 became a very special day for Lviv Business School of UCU. Fifty graduates received diplomas. This is a great achievement for them and for the business school, since behind each diploma there are many days of training, great work on important projects and defense of their ideas, new opportunities and sharing of the values of LvBS.

This year 11 participants of the program MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, 15 participants of MS in Technology Management, 9 – Key Executive MBA graduated training in LvBS. Also for the first time in Ukraine LvBS graduated 14 Masters on Human Resources and Organization Development. Day of gratitude, sincere wishes, unforgettable emotions – that is what became the graduation for the participants, teachers, guests and team of Lviv Business School. Recalling together as it was.

Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, priest Bohdan Prah began the official part of the celebrations with a prayer. He stressed that LvBS is a special phenomenon for the city, country and the world.

Bohdan Prach

After him the welcoming speech to the graduates was made by Bishop of the Diocese of Paris of UGCC, President of Ukrainian Catholic University Bishop Borys Gudzyak. «This is something new here; we have no such a graduation in this place and in this format until today. It is noteworthy that during the time of challenge we live in a creative way … The problem of our life is that we want to win a lottery, we want a magic. But the victory is worth something. Your work, your studies are the negation of this temptation. Everyone looks at you like to the man, who will change the world. I congratulate you on this. The best is yet to come!» – emphasized Bishop Borys.

Borys Gudziak

According to his words, the decision to go to the study for the people of business is very complicated. He also noted that the study of Bishop Venedykt was in particular very special and important decision, this year he became a graduate of the program KEMBA of Lviv Business School of UCU.


«This is a great movement from the point «A» to the point «B». Today this movement is made by the whole our country and you made it together!», – said Bishop Borys.

Also the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in 2014-2016 Ukrainian public figure and entrepreneur Natalie Jaresko said a few words to the graduates. She said that in real life the graduates will have to do a lot of difficult choices, and here you should understand, what is your ground for the decision making: «It happened so that the fate throws to Ukrainians the hard choices more often than to the others. This is not only a career, work, family, the desire to give the best to your children. But as all Ukrainian, every day we choose, how we can serve for our people. And our answers determine the fate of the nation. I believe that education you gained here in Lviv Business School of UCU, will help you to make these difficult, but the right decisions in your life».

Nataliya Yaresko

Natalie Jaresko also gave four tips for the success to the graduates of LvBS:

  • Follow your calling. Do what you like. But remember, the calling can not be effective without efforts. Before the face of everything inherited, global, unexpected only favorite business will help you to move forward.
  • Never doubt in the importance of your individual contribution to the global business.
  • Always remember that hard work and honesty – these are the features that distinguish you.
  • Appreciate your traditions and family, take strength and confidence from our history and use these powers and experience to overcome challenges.

Sofiya Opatska, dean of LvBS, in her message to the graduates said, that Graduation Ceremony it is always the biggest holiday for the business school.

Sophia Opatska

«We celebrate your success and our success together with yours. The level of the business school is evaluated by the level of its graduates. People will think of us in the way they think of you. We know that a lot of you have grown here from the both management and personal perspective. I wish you to know how to use the knowledge and the experience received in LvBS and what is more complicated, to share it in your organizations, in your business … The change of the country is a very important task for the university and for this business school. Keep being real Humans. Take over the responsibility. Business people have a lot of power in the best sense of the word. May you use it to implement these good changes. We are proud of you!», – said Sofiya Opatska.

Also graduates of LvBS watched a video message from the board member and managing partner of SoftServe company – Taras Verveha, who stressed: «Ukrainians this a nation that not only can fight and sing. It is also a nation of entrepreneurs, who can build world-class companies».

He also announced the launch of bonuses «From 0 to 1 – startup innovations» to honor the author of the best thesis among the participants of MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship of LvBS. This year’s prize in the sum of 25 thousand UAH received Tetyana Kosmina, the author of idea of «La Boussole» magazine.


After that the ceremony of diploma awarding was held run by Natalie Jaresko, Sofiya Opatska and p. Bohdan Prakh together with the managers of educational programs, and then the ceremony of tassels overturning on the bonnets and performance of «Gaudeamus».


Director of Strategic Development ELEKS company Andriy Hankevych also congratulated the graduates and wished them to be wise and purposeful.


The graduate of the program MA in Human Resources and Organization Development Olena Sklyarenko said that Lviv Business School of UCU grows not only new citizens, but also a new country: «You create people, who become not only the professionals but also have true mission and true values».

Olena Sklyarenko

Also Joao Perret Viana business consultant in 9 countries in Europe and Asia, and a teacher in LvBS addressed the graduates. His performance was the inspiring conclusion of the graduation. After that the graduates decided to make a common photo and taste the fest cake.

Joao Perre Viana

Here is an extract from the speech of Joao Perret Viana: «There is no ready road. Only you with you going create it and lay new paths. And when you turn back you will see the road that you will never go again … There is no such a universal thing that may change everything in the way we want. It is important to focus on each step that you make instead of looking for the magic quick receipt to achieve and solve all your problems… Never stop, keep on smiling to the world, since I may guarantee that then the world will smile to you too».