550 participants have registered on Adrian Slyvotsky’s online course

22 Jun 2020

The second intake of students for the original online course by Adrian Slywotzky “David Wins: The Power of Asymmetric Thinking” started their training on June 8th. 550 applicants had been submitted for the course, among them – over 50 management teams from such companies as Intellias International, The Old Lion Publishing House, Sigma Software, Kormotech LLC, SoftServe, Leoni, Media Group Ukraine, medical companies, and banks.

The second intake has expanded the geography of participants considerably, and we have applicants from Ukrainian cities as well as from the representatives of international Ukrainian companies in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Slovakia, Singapore, Canada, and the USA.

“We can see that the participants of the course are highly active. They get acquainted with each other in the chat, create teams, and arange virtual meetings to discuss new business opportunities and things they have learnt. Even online we manage to provide the core value of learning – communication and acquaintance with interesting people”, LvBS Business Consulting CEO Roksoliana Voronovska admits.

Adrian Slywotzky is a business futurologist and one of the most prominent modern management specialists; he is one of the top 25 business consultants of the world, and consults the companies from Fortune 500 list, among them – Nike, Hyundai, and Samsung. And now, thanks to the uniquel LvBS online course, Ukrainian entrepreneurs have access to the leading world practices and the most innovative knowledge: how to grow during a crisis, what is the power of asymmetric competitors, how to develop an effective anti-crisis strategy for your business or project together with your team.

The next intake for the unique online course by Adrian Slywotzky is planned for autumn. Follow our pages on social networks and our website for the announcements.