Most Valuable Asset in Management is Reputation – Meeting of LvBS Community with Yaryna Klyuchkovska

28 Oct 2013

What should effective communication in business be like – expert in public relations and corporate communications Yaryna Klyuchkovska held a workshop “Do Not Engage in PR!” on October 25 for members of the LvBS Community.

According to the expert, the most valuable and important part of asset management is reputation, which is formed from what we say, what we do, and what others say about us.

According Yaryna Klyuchkovska, organizations and companies today forget that people just want to talk, and instead use intrusive and often ineffective forms of communication: “Every communication needs a story with three elements – a protagonist, obstacles, and rewards,” said Yaryna. The expert reviewed successful business cases with the LvBS Community in order to show how to correctly create and tell “stories” rather than boring press releases, and thus effectively form communication both within the company and outside.

At the meeting, Yaryna Klyuchkovska also talked about concepts such as reputation, brand, advertising, and PR.

“Be amazing, be everywhere, be real!” Yaryna Klyuchkovska said at the conclusion of the meeting, quoting Jason Calacanis. These three things she believes are at the core of good communication: “When business leaders start thinking about PR not as a business process but as honest talk, then communication will be effective,” concluded the expert.