‘Do not look up, look in the mirror’ – A lesson about leadership by Adrian Slywotzky

The course started with six days of lectures (December 12-13) by Adrian Slywotzky on value migration, building business models, the world of four industries, demand, and ethical principles in community leaders.

The course “The Art of Victory” is unique in terms of its methodology and content. After two days of work in the classroom, the participants will learn remotely for three months, performing tasks, and reviewing the literature recommended by the author of the course. At the end of training, they will have a follow-up with Adrian Slywotzky.

During his lectures, Adrian Slywotzky called on the management teams and participants to think big. He gave examples of the greatest achievements and mistakes in business and emphasized the importance of understanding where value migration in order to protect ones business: “In a world that is rapidly changing, it is necessary to change your business in a timely manner as well,” said the expert.

The business thinker also gave lectures on ethical leadership and the community of leaders. The participants looked at the best examples of business leaders who were also moral leaders: “A leader must not look up, but in the mirror,” summed up Adrian Slywotzky.

The Lviv Business School of UCU and Adrian Slywotzky sincerely hope that the participants of this course will unite to create in Ukraine a community of leaders, who will be the moral leaders of society.