Oleksiy Orap: How to launch a new project without wasting time and money

Oleksiy Orap, CEO and founder of YouScan, spoke about the approaches to launching start-ups at the workshop ‘Lean Startup’: How to Launch a New Project Without Wasting Time and Money” at Ideas Lab.

 Mr. Orap advised young entrepreneurs to give answers to the following questions before they start their own projects:

1. Do the clients understand the problem, the solution of which I offer?
2. If I offered them a solution, would they pay me?
3. If they pay, would they pay precisely me?
4. If the answers to the previous three questions are positive, then think whether you can build a business model for your start-up.

With the help of the “Lean Startup” approach and certain tools, it is possible to prove your hypotheses with facts: “Ask questions and in order to find the right answers, experiment! The notion of quality is imaginary: until you get feedback from your clients, it has no sense. If during testing you find that a feature of your product or service doesn’t bring any value to the client, it means that you have unnecessary processes and you need to discard them,” said the founder of YouScan.

Oleksiy Orap also spoke about the models of company growth and which tools you can use to quickly reform your work: “Instead of spending a lot of time and effort building something and later realizing that it is not exactly what you expected, I advise you to get in touch with your customers, manage the facts, and according to the received results change your product.”