Powerful partnerships: shaping success together

As a part of the ongoing strategic planning process, UCU has had a successful collaboration with the MBA team of the Tuck School of Business*. The team consisted of 5 first-year MBA students with backgrounds in various fields, such as food tech and video-game startups, marketing, investments, education, and even intelligence service, who took commitment to help UCU.

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Over the course of 2 months, the team have conducted a number of interviews with the UCU leadership team, students, and graduates. The goal was to study how the university’s alumni engagement, community service, and assistance in the recovery of Ukraine work, as well as what are the main challenges in these areas that UCU is currently facing.

This information was later used to deliver recommendations on maximizing the university’s impact on Ukrainian recovery from the consequences of war. More precisely, on

  1. supporting veterans’ transition to civilian life (especially through educational programs)
  2. improving communications strategy to maximize the impact
  3. leveraging the alumni network and its engagement in the UCU’s recovery impact

This collaboration was a valuable part of the UCU strategic planning process, as the received suggestions will be used to adjust the new strategy to better deal with challenges posed by the war and accelerate the Ukrainian recovery process.

*Tuck School of Business is the business school of Dartmouth College, a private research university and a member of the Ivy League.

The school is centered around the MBA program. A crucial part of this program is The First-Year Project (FYP) course. It allows students to apply their classroom knowledge to help real clients solve their business challenges by providing research and developing data-driven recommendations. The assistance in the strategic process for UCU was one of such FYPs.

Collaboration between UCU and Tuck started in 2022 after full scale invasion of russia to Ukraine. Except for the project 2 students from UCU Business school had 1 semester mobility  to Tuck Business school. UCU highly appreciates all the support provided by Tuck.