Practical Side of Adizes Methodology, – Meeting of LvBS Community

3 Oct 2013

On October 2 a meeting of the LvBS Community took place at the Lviv Business School. Oleksiy Kapusta (chief of Adizes Institute in Ukraine and Spain) and Borys Shevelyov (participant of Key Executive MBA) held a discussion “The Practical Side of the Adizes Methodology.”

A representative of company in Lviv, which currently implement the Adizes Methodology was also present. She described the challenges that company faced during the implementation of the methodology, the changes, that the company introduced, and the results that the company gained after one year of cooperation with Adizes Institute.

Thus members of the LvBS Community had a chance to learn about the Adizes Methodology, to understand how it works, and hear about the outcomes of its implementations. Participants also looked at the life cycles of a company and stages when it should or should not be implemented.