Репортаж з міжнародного навчального туру у Шанхай, Гонконг (2012 р)

14 Mar 2013

Report on the international educational tour (Shanghai, Hong Kong)

Ukrainian Consulate in Shanghai is ready to promote cooperation between entrepreneurs from Ukraine and China

A ten-day international educational tour into one of the countries of the Asian region is an integral part of the course “Practice of business and management in international environment” of Key Executive MBA.

Its participants can hear first-hand information about peculiarities of work of leading national and international companies in China, meet the teachers and listen courses on peculiarities of international business in China, Pacific Region and Asia, as well as dive into exotic culture of an oriental state with outstanding history.

This year’s educational tour of Key Executive МВА LvBS program participants started on October 13. Here follows a report on this international tour.

October 15, 2012

We visited Chinese village Huaxi – emotions are mixed, but Huaxi is a bright, however only one even in China, example of a village, where all residents have shareholder rights to all companies operating in the village. Residents of the village are very rich, some of them are even millionaires! Large groups of Chinese from all over the country come here to see how wealthy peasants can be and what they should strive for. We were met as dear guests and introduced to secrets of dramatic development and unbelievable success!

October 16, 2012

We visited «CHINT» company, which is one of the ТОР-10 China’s private enterprises. It is the largest producer of electric transformers and distributors in the country. Representatives of the Company showed us their production facilities. Their size is really impressive. They also shared their experience of entering markets outside China. It was also interesting to hear about the mode of cooperation between the private company and the communist authorities in the country.

Our next meeting was at «Lonking» company, which occupies 22nd place in ТОР-50 largest producers of construction equipment. It was interesting to visit the plant and see full cycle of excavating machine production. A company employee told us how the company builds its strategy to increase its market share in the world and finds balance between prices and quality of products on the market.

October 17, 2012

We visited special exhibition of Internet-Commerce in Shanghai. It was interesting to see how developed this branch is in China and evaluate the prospects of its development in Ukraine. Participants had a chance to walk through an unusual trade center where the majority of Shanghai internet-stores have their show-rooms for the customers to be always able to find them and make sure that the goods offered on their web-pages are of good quality. This is a very interesting model for gaining trust not just to certain internet sellers but to the industry in general. Hence, we had a chance to see people who stand behind the web-pages of trade and production companies.

On the same day we also had a very interesting meeting with the Consul General of Ukraine in Shanghai Anatoliy Burdyliak who met group members at the Consulate. Over tea, he told us about political peculiarities of present-day China, the secrets of country’s economic growth, Ukraine’s prospects in attracting Chinese investments, and specifics of business and cooperation with Chinese partners. The main message of this meeting was that the Ukrainian Consulate in Shanghai is ready to support and promote cooperation of Ukrainian and Chinese entrepreneurs and is waiting for applications from our entrepreneurs.