Secrets of Ukrtelecom – the First Visit of a Series Alumni Company Visits

21 Oct 2016

LvBS started a series of meetings Alumni Company Visit, which was initiated by the graduates of the KEMBA program. The essence of the meetings – is to visit the company, the owner or top manager of which is a graduate of LvBS. This enables to become better acquainted and to expand horizontal connections among graduates of all the four long-term programs of LvBS. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to visit the companies, which we usually have a quite limited access to. The first organization, attended by the graduates on October 20, was Lviv branch of Ukrtelecom PJSC (a leading branch of the Western macroregion), where the graduates were invited by Viktor Piddubnyi, CFO of the given branch and the graduate of the KEMBA program of LvBS.


Manager of the Alumni Relations Department of LvBS, Khrystyna Maltseva, tells about the course of the event:

“The graduates visited the telecommunication mine, a place where all the city communication converges; they became acquainted with the principle of work of a digital ATS and telecommunication cross. Also, they saw two huge diesel engines that are used in case of the disappearance of electricity. An interesting fact is that the second, the newer diesel engine got into the Ukrtelecom underground premise from above, as if through the ceiling! This opportunity appeared during the road repairs, where the track of the tram number “2” runs now”.

We had the opportunity to communicate with the operators, conducting monitoring of the network of seven Western Ukrainian regions, as well as detecting and localizing the accidents. We learned how many accidents happen every day, and of which level they are (simple or complex).

“All the works that are carried out deeper than 40 cm, should be agreed with Ukrtelecom, as there is a high probability of damaging the telecommunication wire. Thus, if you decided to dig a well at your summer cottage or install a new fence, think in advance, so that not to have losses for urgent network repairs then!”,  – Viktor Piddubnyi noted.


After talking to technical operators, who bring us back to the “online” status after accidents, and familiarization with the Data Processing Centre, the graduates got into the conference-calls studio that are used by Ukrtelecom for its internal meetings, as well as the officials and companies, which need to hold a conference with 100% guarantee of a high quality connection and transmission into the same studios in other 25 cities of Ukraine.

At the end of the meeting the graduates transported into the past: they got acquainted with a real telegraph, which, by the way, still works, and its services are used by the authorities, some large plants and banks. Perhaps, this device will become an exhibit of some technical museum soon, but at the moment it is appreciated for its high level of information transmission safety, despite the fact that the rate of this transmission is quite low”.