Shoji Shiba in LvBS: Breakthrough management is not about the processes following but about their creation!

12 Sep 2016

Outstanding Japan expert on management, having studied from the father of the Japan “miracle” Edwards Deming, Deming prize winner, former teacher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), professor Shoji Shiba had a private lecture in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) on September 09. He told about his own experience in the creation of the breakthrough management for the industries of Hungary, India and USA, and also he shared his thoughts on leadership.

“There is a simple rule: if the society changes, the management must also change. The key elements of the breakthrough management are that it should correspond to the needs of the society and these changes should be governed by the real vision leader. The breakthrough should create the new value. And what is more it has to comprise a touch of madness. That is why, only a few people start it”, – emphasized professor Shiba during the lecture on “Technologies of breakthrough management and qualitative transformation of business, community, country” in LvBS.

Working in МІТ, one day he suddenly got a question from one of the professionals: do you have a unique approach to the problem solving? “I said that there are two ways to solve the problem. The first: to stand outside the aquarium, to observe the fish swimming inside. To apply logic, to create an objective scale and measure its speed, size studying with that what is the fish. But Shiba does not want this approach, since this is a process approach. I do not want to follow the processes, I want to create them! The second way: to jump into aquarium, jump out and analyze the information received. This is my way and my approach”