Looking for harmonic decisions – module of MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program

31 Oct 2013

A module on business communication, personal development and leadership, data analysis and forecasting was held for the second group of MS in Innovations & Entrepreneurship on October 23-26.  

At Yaryna Kluchkovska’s course “Business Communications” everyone had the opportunity to apply his or her skills in presenting their business ideas. Yaryna, an expert in public relations and corporate communication, gave the participants useful advice for improving their presentational skills.

Together with the lawyer Andriy Hrynchuk, the participants discussed difficult juridical situations that arise at different stages of business development, regulating relationships between partners, and the taxation system. In Iryna Symovonyk’s course “Data Analysis and Forecasting” the group learned about ways of gathering and processing data for forecasting. And together with Oleksandra Baklanova the participants analyzed different ways of improving and developing their skills. 

At the course “Business Communication” Yevhen Hlibovytskyi encouraged the participants to manage their time in a different way in order to have an opportunity to use it for profound reading and suggested they look for balanced decisions to do this.

On October 24, famous restaurateur Mark Zarkhin (restaurants Pizza Celentano and Potato House) led a workshop for the MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program. Mark is the owner of 225 restaurants, which have more than a million loyal customers. He advised the future entrepreneurs not to fall into a state of “aristocratic complacency” and inertness because it influences the business development. Also he recommended they think about the proposition value for the customer: “We refused to bring down the standards during the economic crisis and this gave us a 20% rise,” said the successful businessman.

The guests of the program, managers of Peugeot and Coca-Cola Alexandro and Michael Roncoroni, shared their interesting experiences and motivated the participants to start their businesses in Ukraine.

In addition to the start of the module, the unique project “Let’s Teach and Learn” was launched. The aim of the project is to give every participant an opportunity to try himself in the role of a lecturer and teach group mates about something in which he is competent. Khrystyna Shabat and Natalia Mikhnova were the first to share their professional experiences, particularly in PR. 

The module finished with a motivational meeting of the first and second groups of the MS in Innovations & Entrepreneurship program. Together they planned future joint meetings, and shared their ideas and experience.