The Business model session

22 Oct 2014

The course of the Business model, performed by Joao Perre Vianna on MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship included all important questions about stages of creation of business canvas and kinds of business models with bright examples.

The first day of this session was devoted to forces of changes: what is in the consumer trend nowadays, which problem should business solve and why did they appear? The conclusion is that we should looking for consumers’ problems and the instrument to find out them is «shifts», «triggers» and «signals». We should remember that business needs to be relevant. After these materials all students gave examples of every kind of changes which exist in Ukraine or in the world in general.

The second day of the Business model session announced a question what makes an idea, a good business idea? The sense of this is that every good idea should be considered as a business idea through kinds of business models. It helps to understand which model is the best for particular idea. Joao represented videos of businesses around the world as an example of every business model. He explained pros and cons of each of them.

This session gave us a deep understanding of consumers’ needs, their expectations, the changes which happened in the world and problems which appeared according to it. What innovation will solve these problems and give to consumers everything that they need was the core issue of the session. All these knowledge permit us to create our business canvas and choose the best business model for our idea.

Tetiana Kostina, MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Ideas Lab