«The Long Game»: the third season of new tools and partnerships

7 Jun 2024

The third season of the «The Long Game» project is coming to a close. The top 300 participants, according to the ranking, have received invitations to participate in educational Bootcamps and have the opportunity to compete for grants for training and developing their businesses. We are sharing information about the uniqueness of the third season, its content, and its participants.

«The Long Game» is professional education for entrepreneurs in a convenient mobile format. During the third season, instructors from the UCU Business School and the University of Connecticut (USA) shared their unique knowledge and years of experience. The most active participants of the game have the opportunity to compete for grants totaling 2.3 million UAH.

Features of the third season

The program of the third season of «The Long Game» is designed to take participants to an even higher level of company management, considering all the tools of the two previous seasons and this season included three educational tours, comprising 15 video lectures and six interviews with representatives of businesses of various scales.

Who played «The Long Game» in the third season?

2,450 individuals joined the project, aiming to develop their businesses. We are delighted that among them, 124 participants serve in the military or are veterans. Despite the challenging conditions of defending the Ukrainian state on the front lines, our defenders have found the opportunity and time for education. This indicates an increased interest among servicemen in professional development, including business skills.

Participants from all corners of Ukraine and even from abroad played the long game, seeking and finding answers to their challenges and needs.

Entrepreneurs from various sectors, with different experiences, are united by their desire to develop and learn something new.

The updated program of the project is developed on the requests and challenges regarding the development and scaling of modern Ukrainian businesses. After training, participants came out with a list of tools and advice for overcoming difficulties and taking their businesses to a new level, understanding how to effectively explore new horizons.

In «The Long Game-3», the share of owners and top managers of companies accounts for more than 60% of all participants. It was in our interest to equip all players with effective business knowledge.

Participants from more than 15 different sectors joined «The Long Game». Here are the most popular ones we’d like to share with you:

In the third season, together we learned:

  • How to model business processes and build a process map within the company.
  • How to apply LEAN tools to optimize costs and significantly increase profits.
  • How to manage not only current finances but also plan for the future.
  • Where and how to effectively recruit employees for the company during wartime.
  • How to effectively apply Internet marketing tools.
  • How to create a brand and utilize the advantages of behavioral theories.
  • How to manage customer experience using service.
  • The benefits of veterans for the company and how to successfully integrate them into the company.
  • How to preserve and strengthen mental health in teams.
  • How to strategically manage business components in wartime conditions.
  • How to improve business results based on networks.
  • How to scale the business and explore new markets.

Owners and employees of companies of various sizes working in Ukraine participated in the training on the «The Long Game-3» project.

This season, representatives of companies with over 11 years of experience dominate. This indicates a growing interest among experienced companies in new opportunities and innovations.

Partners of the 3rd season:

The payment platform Fondy, in collaboration with the «Promprylad» Foundation, organized this project aimed at supporting business education in Ukraine. With the support of the Democracy Development Fund of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, «The Long Game» was implemented. Educational partners included the Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Business School of the University of Connecticut (USA), which engaged their instructors to share valuable knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurship development with the participants.


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